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RIM Testing BlackBerry Feedback Tool in Beta Zone

Submitting a Vote RIM has opened up a new program in their Beta Zone for a new BlackBerry Feedback Tool. The tool simply allows users to provide feedback to RIM directly from their BlackBerry. I cannot get it to work since I am on a BES (working on it) but it is definitely worth a shot if you are interested in helping RIM fix issues with the BlackBerry OS. You can sign up for the program at this link.

Here is how they describe it:

The BlackBerry Feedback Tool application allows users to provide feedback to Research In Motion directly from their BlackBerry smartphone quickly and easily, from wherever you are. The feedback provided will be used to identify trends and make changes that improve the overall BlackBerry experience for everyone.

I know that back in the day I used to try emailing [email protected] but who knows what happens to emails sent there. This might be a more direct way to let RIM know that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. It would be even cooler if they could just build it into the OS like Windows and Firefox after a crash.

Keep in mind you need to register on RIM’s Beta Zone which is limited to certain allowed countries. They don’t make downloading the app easy and I had to reboot to get it to work.

PLEASE NOTE: Users are also reporting two current issues:

  • BES users on BES 5.0 sp1 might have to ask their BES Administrator to enable the "User Feedback" IT Policy (). This workaround will not work for older BES versions.
  • BIS users are unable to see the "Submit Feedback" option in the menu. You might need to check that your BlackBerry language (Options > Language and Text Input) is set to English (both Language and Input Language). If not, change the language to English and restart your BlackBerry.
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  1. I have tried everything to get this to reflect but nothing. No Submit Feedback or Feedback menu option. I’ve tried specifying the Language Input option as noted within the Beta Zone, I have removed additional English based languages, set the Laguage and Input option to [English], I have re-installed and rebooted a multitude of times. I have a supported major release of firmware but it just not show at all.

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