Sound Effects On Your BlackBerry – BBSfx & bbExecutor

bbsfx Wow this brings back memories. Back in the day we used to harass teachers with our sound effect key chains. The most common was the Executor which made it sound like Vietnam with bombs exploding and machine gun fire FX sounds. Tim let us know there are two apps out there that want you to relive your youth and make people give you the “grow up” look.

The simplest is bbExecutor which is a recreation of the original Executor key chain we had back in the day. The app is on sale now for $0.99 until May 31st in the store and offers you Bomb Sound, Explosions, Siren, Machine Gun, Phasers, Lasers, Falls, & a Gatling Gun for your childish pleasure. 🙂

The BBSfx app takes things a few steps further and adds over 40 sound effects to your BlackBerry ranging from car crashes to crowds cheering. You can even put a delay on the sound and walk away to annoy all your coworkers with fart sounds. BBSfx is available in the store now for $3.96 on sale until Jun 1st in the store.

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