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FCC Releases Results of Survey on Bill Shock & ETF Fees

FCC Bill Shock The Federal Communications Commission released the results of a survey (Word Doc) they did this week with some interesting stats. They were investigating the effect ETF’s (Early Termination Fees) have on consumers choice to stick with a carrier and experiences with cellphone bills that were higher than expected.

The results are not surprising but they jive perfectly with the FCC’s recent push into creating some Bill Shock (higher than expected bills) legislation to force carriers to notify customers if there is a significant increase in their bill.

The main numbers of interest were:

  • 17% of Americans have received bills that were higher than expected
  • From those 17% there were only 21% who had children under 18
  • About 43% of customers said the only reason they stay with their current carrier is because of an ETF fee

I know that I have dealt with sudden cell phone bill increases. For example, when I first signed up for YouMail and did not know that it would eat my minutes to forward my voicemail to YouMail. AT&T should have really given me a heads up when it went to $50+ in overages.

via GigaOm & IntoMobile

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  1. My opinion: EVERY USA carrier should be REQUIRED to notify the wireless customer (by a “no minutes used” call or a no charge text message or email) when they reach 90% of their allotment of either minutes, messages, or bytes. AND notify again when they hit 100% of their allotment. Why they don’t do this, show the feds that they do this, and basically “tough noogies” if you go over after having been warned twice, is beyond me.

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