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YouMail for BlackBerry v2.0 Released With Revamped Interface

YouMail let us play with a beta of the 2.0 version of their app and I have to say I am impressed with the upgrade. They have totally revamped the UI along with some nicely improved functionality. Tom let me know that the new version of YouMail is slowly rolling out to users in App World so I thought it was a good time to mention it now. If you don’t already see it in App World keep on checking at this link.

Youmail2.0 Youmail2.0.1

Check out all the changes below:

1) Streamlined User Interface

  • The main screen now shows the number of new messages and each caller’s photo or avatar, which can be imported automatically from Facebook.
  • The message play screen supports fast-forward and rewind, allowing users to get through their messages even more efficiently.

2) Enhanced Organization Tools

  • Users can access any folders directly from the App, not just the Inbox, including standard Saved, Spam and Trash folders, as well as user-created folders.
  • Users can turn their voicemail box into a “To Do” list by easily flagging messages for follow up directly in the App.

3) Improved Transcription Experience

  • The play screen now shows more of the transcribed message text, lessening the need to scroll.
  • Users can copy and paste directly from the transcription, allowing them to easily insert message text into searches or responses.

4) Faster Voicemail Follow Up

  • The YouMail App is now integrated with the phone’s default SMS client, enabling users to easily reply to voice messages using TXT messages.
  • Simpler menus allow users to easily forward and reply to voicemail while including the original voicemail as a MP3 or WAV file.
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  1. Thanks for the positive review.

    We’ve been really listening hard to our users (and your readers) and trying to address their concerns – and this release basically captured the top 4-5 issues we were aware of.

    We’d be happy to hear about the next set of things we can do to help make their YouMail for Blackberry experience even better.

    CEO, YouMail

  2. Having a heck of a time updating.

    App World is causing my Berry 9700 to freeze to the point of battery pull. The PC link is just as fubar.

  3. This is awesome – thanks to the people at youmail.

  4. No way the transcriptions are that good.

  5. They really need push data to the app to seal the deal on this. I always liked the service but can’t really afford the battery drain of polling for updates.

  6. Maybe they’ve fixed it in recent version, but the old versions used to have pretty significant battery drain:

    • The app is optimized now for battery usage.

      If you turn off any polling (through one o the settings), the app simply listens for e-mails or txts from YouMail that a new voicemail has arrived, and it only wakes up when there is a voicemail. It then sucks it down from our servers, and has it ready to see/play when you click on the app. It also pulls down the absolute minimum data each time it connects with the servers.

      In our beta testing of this version, we didn’t get a single comment about issues with using battery.

  7. You might want to consider disabling the polling by default or forcing some sort of setup process with detailed explanations after the app is installed. I verified that there is no battery drain with polling disabled, but another user was getting very large battery drain due to the polling and I basically had to inform them not to use the polling and use email/sms notification instead.

    People can get a bad impression and uninstall before they figure out why it’s happening.

  8. Thanks! I luv youmail. Many great features and that’s before the upgrade you’ve just included. Keep up the great work!

  9. I’m not sure if this is new to 2.0, but I notice there is a small YouMail icon at the top when I have new voicemails. When I originally switched from Sprint voicemail to Youmail, I was disappointed to see that my voicemail icon didn’t work anymore, so this is a welcome feature! 🙂

  10. Anyone else getting certificate expiration errors tonight? How did YouMail let that slip past? Someone sure dropped the ball

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