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Giveaway: GelaSkins for BlackBerry

Remember the review we did on GelaSkins we did not too long ago? Well, we love them so much that we decided to get together with the company and have a contest for TWO $25 gift certificates for the GelaSkin of your choice!

This contest will run from today Wednesday May 26th until 11:59 pm Pacific Time on Saturday, May 29th. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and we will randomly choose 2 winners to receive the gift certificates. (Multiple comments will not raise your chances of winning)

The winners will be able to choose from hundreds of different designs or even create on of their own! So leave your comment and good luck!

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  1. WooHoo!!! I want one!

  2. Yes, please!!

  3. i would like one

  4. Sign me up for this – great contest!!! Good luck all:)

  5. Would love to customize one of these. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  6. Nice, could definitely do some cool stuff with the custom ones

  7. The skins look great and would love to win so I can try them out!!

  8. I would love to win one!!

  9. One of these days, I’m gonna win one of these things! lol

  10. oooh, this would be nice to have since I like my BB mostly nekkid

  11. this would be perfect….i can share a skin with my friend she also has a 9700 :)

  12. ooo000OOOOhhhhh

    Pick me, Pick Me

  13. Count me in!

  14. They look awesome.

  15. I’d love to win one!

  16. I’d Love It!

  17. Free Gels please :)

  18. I would love one please.

  19. Hehe, this is good for camouflaging the blackberry…

  20. Gelaskins look so cool. Would love to win. I need a “pick me up.”

  21. I would love to win on of these.

  22. I like this contest (: thanks for a chance to win

  23. Would love to design my own

  24. thanks

  25. oh man please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    thank you

  26. Would love to win this.

  27. I want one!

  28. I like the skin your show Now. Would love it on my Bold9700. Hope to win one. Good luck everyone.

  29. This would be awesome!

  30. I would like this one. Thanks

  31. would love to have it!! please count me in!! thanks :)

  32. Hope to win

  33. hey hey

    this is an awesome giveaway… i hope i win.. thanks BR and Gelaskin

  34. Would love to have one. Pick me please!

  35. Awesome! I’d love one of these! My phone needs some sprucing up!

  36. me please…


  38. Awesome! You guys have the best giveaways!!
    Thanks for the great site.

  39. I need some gelaskin in my life!oh yes

  40. These would make any BlackBerry stand out in a room of BlackBerrys!

  41. for my birthday,

  42. Would love to skin my !

  43. Jelly tastes good!

  44. sign me up!

  45. I want to winnn….! lol

  46. ohhhh, i want the Oh Canada one! pick me pick me!

  47. Thanks!

  48. Sounds great. Count me in!

  49. Exactly what I need when I need it!!!! 😉

  50. gella gella holla!

  51. Niiiiiiiice! In fact, it would be a torture to chose one of those 😉 So many cool skins…

  52. very nice…. i like to have a skin for my bb also… coz it got “tatto” d T.T .. thanks beryreview…. pls pick me :)

  53. Would love to be gellin

  54. nice giveaway!

  55. Count me in !

  56. I want one free

  57. I’d like to say that it’s OK that you do it randomly, but I seriously think I should be the deserving member here! Why, you ask? Well, because if I were to choose which skin I’d get, I’d choose to get one that either looked like an insole or Dr. Scholl, and I’d say “Are you ‘Gela’-n it?” Of course it would be corny, but it would be hilarious. Besides, it’s very seriously my birthday today, the 27th of May, and I thought that it would be a nice gift from you to one of your most avid readers!

    -Kyle (BerryReview’s #1 fan)

  58. Hi, I just love the GelaSkins!!!!

  59. I need one of those skins in my life – like SERIOUSLY!!!!! When I saw the first post you did about gelaskins I went to check out the site and I honestly spend like 45mins drooling over all the AMAZING options they had to choose from.. Then I spend another hour uploading my own pics to see how they would look on my BOLD 9000!! I kid you not, I still haven’t bought one because I could not decide on the one I want! 😀 a free pick would definitely help my decision making process lol PLEASE PICK ME SO I CAN CURE MY GELASKIN FIX!!

  60. Lovely designs. I’d love to win.. :)

  61. Awesome hope I win!!Love the skins!!

  62. really looks good…hope i win it….

  63. Looks awesome!

  64. I would love one for my 9700.

  65. Wow, almost too many to choose from!

  66. This looks interesting. Count me in this contest! :’)

  67. Put me in.
    I really want one of these, but there was none with a Yankees logo.
    Lets see what happens.

  68. pleeeaaaseee…..count me in !!

  69. Cool! Thanks for the contest.

  70. That skin makes me think of Spiderman for some reason.

  71. Count me in!

  72. AWESOME! GelaSkin me up!

  73. I just went to the website and the artwork is absolutely stunning!! I would love to get one for my BB Bold 9700. I especially like the Little Red.

  74. This would be nice to own. Hope I win

  75. Count me in…

  76. Count me in.

  77. Would love to get one of these to go on my new Bold 9800 Slider when it is released on AT&T next month! 😉 And yes, I know they will be a minute before gelaskins releases the 9800 version… I will just have to pamper it until that point. :)

  78. Great giveaway. Would love to have one of these. Art on a phone.

  79. Sign me up.

  80. These are soo awesome!!! Pick me pretty please…with a cherry on top!!!!!

  81. These skins are fantastic! Great that you can now create personalized ones. Would love to win one ;^)

  82. Have the standard BB Skin off eBay on my 9700 which is starting to give off a weird odour.. (its not me … I promise 😀 )

    Can really use a new skin..

  83. I love those skins. they are really nice

  84. Would love to have one.

  85. Awesome, I hope I win.

  86. had a look on there site very nice like the idea that there is a wallpapper to match fingers crossed i win

  87. I would love one of these great prizes!

  88. Interesting skins. I’ll have to check them out even if I don’t win.

  89. I love this contests. I love berryreview in general! Great job guys!

  90. These skins are way cool! I’m your man!

  91. Def. would love to get one of these on my BB… nice vitage look should do :)

  92. Nice very nice!!! I want one!!!! :)

  93. A buddy has one of these skins for his phone and it looks great.

  94. this is my comment that i am leaving. i would really like to win. thanks.

  95. Ready to finally win. LoL

  96. Have seen these and read about them, they look great, would like to actually see how combersome the screen part will be and if it affects usage

  97. skin me :) thanks much

  98. Oooh! My! I’ve been wanting to get one of these for my phone SINCE my phone always ends up fallin on the ground. PLEASEEEEEEE I would loe to be one of those 2 winners! 😀

  99. Count me in! Not too late am I?

    I’m never quite sure with the whole daylight savings time thing. (Is Arizona the ONLY state that doesn’t observe it or are the others?)

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