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Giveaway: Drivesafely Updated To V1.28 Win One of 10 Copies

DriveSafe.lyScreenShot14_thumb[1] We mentioned a few days back that was going to be updated with some improvements and a better looking UI. One of the new features the update brings is better Bluetooth support. When you turn On/OFF your Bluetooth the application automatically detects it.

If you are not familiar with drivesafely  they offer Text To Speech services for BlackBerry. They have a free service, and a paid version. The free versions reads your SMS, and E-mails out loud but is limited to the number of words it reads.

The Pro or Paid version includes:

  • -It is free to use
  • -Automatically plays incoming text  SMS  and email messages
  • -Play messages on demand through menu
  • -No complicated software to install  easy to use
  • -Small footprint  lightweight app does not slow down your phone
  • -Customizable auto-response and timeout duration
  • -Human sounding text to speech powered by
  • Cost $29.99

To download the latest version go to this link on app world Pro Version, or Free Version or directly from your browser at this link.

Giveaway Details: For a chance to win one of 10 free copies to the Pro Version simply leave a message before Thursday midnight Easter U.S time. Make sure you have the correct e-mail address registered with us before posting.  Thanks To for sponsoring the giveaway.

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  1. Cool! I’ve used the free version before but had to uninstall it because I installed too many other programs on my Berry. Now that I uninstalled most of those since I got bored with the games, it’d be nice to have this back!

  2. hey hey

    i could really use a copy of this will perhaps save me my life… thanks for the opportunity BR.

  3. I really need this app!! AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!!

  4. I have used this in the past, would like to see the improvements and hopefully win a free copy. Thanks!!

  5. I hope I got my comment in before ‘Easter’ U.S. Time. Great giveaway!

  6. I’d love to win a free copy of this app! I’ve got a lengthy daily commute (160 miles roundtrip), so a Pro version of would definitely get a great deal of use!

  7. Whilst I don’t drive, this could be useful especially when I’m studying! Read me my msg whilst I study! :)

  8. I wish to Drive home safe…Drivesafely will be very helpful for that.

  9. Man, I could really use this. Great contest. Thanks to Berryreview & and good luck to all!!!

  10. Been a long time since i won a contest.. hope my luck changs.

  11. id love a copy, pick me please

  12. I’ve used the Vlingo Safereader option but I really like the idea of where it can turn itself on/off when your Bluetooth is connected/disconnected.

  13. I would love to win one please I do so much driving it would be amazing

  14. this would be great! sign me up

  15. I definitely need this! Spending almost 2hrs in the car each day would save my wife some major worrying!

    Thanks guys!

  16. I wanna drive safely on the road anywhere anytime…

  17. This is a very cool app and very useful.. Hope I can get it.. Great work with the giveaway, Berryreview..

  18. Oh my goodness for free?! I been using the free version and its already awesome! Always wish that I somehow miraculously win a free pro version! If I get it I’ll be a fan for life!!

  19. I’ll do even better…I’ve got my comment in before Good Friday U.S. Time.

  20. This is a great app, I have the free aplication, but it will be really nice if I win a copy hahaha, Thanks BerryReview jajajaja

  21. I’d love a copy.

  22. I would like this!

  23. This is a great app – it also works through the headset. Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. This is a great app to have. I wouldn’t have to worry about a ticket or accident from using my 9700.

  25. This is an awesome application. I would say its a life saver…saves us from accidents…what more can a software offer?? Simply saver…good work

  26. This is a cool app and the improvements make it sound even better…please put me down for an entry! (Or, better yet, FTW!)

  27. This is w/o a doubt my favorite app & I highly recommend it. I have been using the Pro Version for close to a year, and I love the latest version that allows t/ms & emails to be read ONLY thru your bluetooth, which comes in quite handy when you are driving or if you want to ensure your privacy when you are around others!!

  28. This looks like a great app. I could definitely use this one. with the sms messages I send and receive, this would be a GREAT help.

  29. Would love to have a copy for my bold 9700! Would help alot :)) Thanks BR

  30. This is an amzing app. hopefully it will really help me stop txting while driving :s
    Pick Me!

  31. Would luv this app for my Storm2

  32. Too bad Ford/Microsoft’s Sync system does not handle doing this via Bluetooth like it does calls.

    I’d really like this!

    Wonder if there is a way to get it to turn on/off based on the Bluetooth connection.

  33. This is just what I was looking for. Nice to hear my messages while driving. Great so I don’t have to look at my phone.

  34. I would love to have a copy of this app… As I receive allot of emails, SMS, and BBM’s while driving to other locations to check on things… Please choose me to have this app, and to be able to drive safely on the Highways….. Thank you Berryreview & for the opportunity to win this incredible app….

  35. I’ve used the free version in the past and loved it. Couldn’t really afford to buy the full version. Hopefully I can score one of those 10 giveaways!


  36. Free version is really cool, Pro must be awesome!

  37. i like this application and use it all the time!if i get a copy,I will feel great!thanks very much!And then ,I want to say :“I come from a different county,but i like Blackberry and its application as you!”—jacy

  38. Awesome giveaway. A must have App! Hope to win a copy. I sure do drive a lot and this would help me out. Good luck everyone.

  39. Hope to win

  40. I need this one

  41. I can really use this

  42. Nice app, Thanks again BR for the contest.

  43. This is great! Thanks for the head’s up.

  44. Would be good for me.

  45. Super usefull this app, i hope to have a good luck this time, i will really need this app.

  46. I would love a copy of this great app!

  47. HOOK IT UP!

  48. Love it!

  49. Tried the free version. I really like this.

  50. WOW.. This would be perfect since im always on the road. please enter me

  51. Would love this on my Tour, I have used this before and it is pretty useful on the road except when you forget to turn it off in meetings

  52. This would be totally AWESOME on my Curve 8900! With on my BB, I’ll become the ultimate Road Warrior!

  53. Great to have

  54. Hope I can get a copy

    Thanks BerryReview and

  55. I’ll be happy to get this great app!

  56. I will be glad to obtain a free copy of profesional version 😉

  57. I have the free version! It is awesome! It would be even more awesome to have the pro version!

  58. I hope I’m not too late for this give away since the deadline is “Thursday midnight Easter U.S time”. 😉

  59. Looks like a cool app

  60. I love this app! is a fantastic application and it keeps me safe while driving! I promote this application to everyone I know whether they have a BlackBerry or not because I think it makes everyone a safer driver.

    Winning a Pro version copy would be great to give to another person I know so they can be as safe as I am and they could then promote it to their friends.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  61. I use this app daily… :)

  62. Free copy please :)

  63. Count me in (:

  64. Please help me to Drive

  65. Would love to win this.

  66. Sound great !

  67. Yes, definitely. Count me in!

  68. I have tried the free version and it is great. Would love to win the paid version. Pick me please!

  69. hey guys… pick me… i drive everyday 2 hours each way… i need this….

  70. hey guys… pick me… i drive everyday 2 hours each way… i need this….

  71. Awesome app, I would like a copy. I think it can help me to watch the road when I’m driving and not the BB. Thanks.

  72. It’s illegal to text & drive here in Denver, so this would really come in handy!

  73. I would like this application on my Bold 9700 it would be kool

  74. Id defenetly opt-in on this one. Last time i almost crash for reading a text.

  75. I’m all the way in the caribbean and I use and love this app. It wud be super cool to win the pro version. Good luck to me!

  76. I love the free version of this app. Please hook me up with the premium version.

  77. after get this then can drive safe???? haha… hope i can get 1 and try :p

  78. Help I can’t read my email on the road

  79. Used the free version before, It was awsome!

  80. I drive all over the area as a traveling nurse. Something like this could really be handy.

  81. Cool app. Hope I win

  82. I would love to win this application. I have the free version and its pretty cool.

  83. I would love to have this Application , have used its Basic Version and found it very very Useful.

  84. This problem will be so helpful on the commute to work and from work. I can get more done with this.

  85. Def. sign me up for this… used the free ver. before and it was alright… hopefully this is good.

  86. I really need this app..
    Hope I’ll win this one..
    Pick me.. :)

  87. would luv having this on my Storm2 for my summer travel, gotta keep my hands and eyes on the road while driving. Thanks for the offer :)

  88. just registered :) would luv having this on my Storm2 for my summer travel, gotta keep my hands and eyes on the road while driving. Thanks for the offer

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