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Free Lookout App Offers Wireless BlackBerry Backup & More

mylookout I heard about Lookout a bit back but when I searched for the app it was not available for BlackBerry. Phreqd let me know that they now have more information on the Lookout site about their free BlackBerry app. The free app provides three functions in one including wireless backups, antivirus/spyware app scanning, & lost phone location finder.

I had a chance to try out the backup feature and it works pretty well. It lets you schedule a backup nightly or on your own schedule and you can access the data from your desktop browser. The lost phone finder is also a nice perk since it will make your phone beep loudly even if it is on silent and will show you where you device is on a map. It can even let you remotely wipe the device from the desktop site.

Check out the service at or read more about it on their blog or website. You can also just download it OTA at

Features include:

Mobile Security: Protect your smartphone from electronic threats

  • Anti-Virus and Security, designed specifically for your Blackberry
  • Scans every app you download to make sure it’s safe
  • Runs in the background

Backup: Save a copy of your contacts and photos

  • Sync your data automatically every night or schedule regular backups
  • Easy access to your data “over-the-air” from any web browser
  • Restore your data back to your phone or to a new phone anytime

Missing Device: Find your phone if it is lost or stolen

  • Pinpoint where your phone is on a map via the web (log-in to your Lookout dashboard)
  • Activate a loud alarm to find your phone nearby – even if it’s on silent
  • Remotely wipe your personal data from your phone if it is lost for good
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  1. i have been beta testing this for a while…while it is pretty comparable with smrtguard…it is not fully functional with my tour 5.0. from the website i could never locate my phone or anything.

  2. Hmmmm… I was wondering how this would stack up to SmrtGuard… issues with Tour 5.0 OS… might not be the app for me, but I will give it a shot… free is free!!!

  3. The anti-virus/anti-spyware doesn’t work at all. I tested it out personally and it said my phone was clean when I had different spyware intentionally installed. I tested it against SMobile System Security Shield which caught them all. There’s a review on our site about it. While the other features would work, as an anti-virus/anti-spyware it’s not reliable.

  4. Being a BlackBerry nut, I’m just curious Susan what BlackBerry spyware you tested these against?

    • Agree with ya, David. Susan, give us some 411.

    • I have them all listed on the BlackBerry Sync site, but they were Flexispy, FlexiSpy Pro, Mobile Spy (the same one in the ad above that says spyware for smartphones), PhoneSnoop, and SpyBubble. All of these went undetected by Lookout, and they were done and double checked, I installed one after another, and then reinstalled one by one with scanning from the LookOut first, then SMobile after. LookOut failed every single time, giving me the false message that my phone was clean, detection wasn’t at all accurate. SMobile detected and removed every single one. So to me, it’s a concern as the BlackBerry isn’t vulnerable to viruses, but it is not infallible to Spyware which must be installed on the device.

  5. Yes, would love to see a comparison to SmrtGuard. And anyone know about battery drain issues with either?

    • I haven’t done a comparison against SmrtGuard, but with the LookOut I was concerned because it’s a free application that is using the term anti-virus and anti-spyware, and there are great apps out there like SMobile who have been doing this for years and in fact found the Etisilat spyware, if you remember that one. SMobile has been used by business and governments for that reason. I just don’t want to see anyone using a product that is misrepresented. Especially with the media focusing on stalkers, jealous ex’s and jealous significant others, if you’re concerned about spyware then you should use a product that has earned the term.

  6. If you click on the link Susan has provided you will get a great review about why this virus feature doesn’t work. She tested both and explains how she got her results. Susan is one of the fewest great bloggers out there so check it out.

  7. I’ve reviewed SmrtGuard and love it as I keep it on my phone. SmrtGuard is effective and a highly superior product. I haven’t tried the antivirus part of SmrtGuard, I couldn’t get Lookout to find my phone or back up either.

  8. Free app eh? How are they making money? Is my backed up data really safe there?

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