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BB Bold 9800 Virtual Keyboard and More *Update* Headed To AT&T


For those of you still in doubt that the Bold 9800 is not a touch screen device, just release some new images of the device.  We have seen a short video of the device and some images running some of the new apps but no solid evidence of the touch screen until now. The more this device shows it’s capabilities the more interested I become. At first it did not look that attractive, but having both a physical and a touch screen keyboard makes it more convenient. RIM has been testing the waters with new form factors lately; hopefully they get it just right with this one. The device doesn’t look bulky at all when it’s closed. Rumors have it the device will be out sometime this summer, I still doubt that will happen especially since it takes carriers here in the U.S months to release something after RIM makes it official. Will just have to wait and see how soon they make it official. More pictures after the jump. The word out on twitter is that IT HAS NO SUREPRESS 🙂

UPDATE: Looks like the BB Bold 9800 is headed to AT&T, right after we posted the previous images, TheCellularGuru posted a nice screenshot of the 9800 with an AT&T boot-up screen logo.  This only means one thing that the devices is headed there, since prototypes devices normally don’t have a carrier boot-up screen. With that said, AT&T is probably testing this device for a release in a few months.

BlackBerry9800-side-1024x768 BlackBerry9800-keys-150x150

Source: Intomobile & TheBerryFix

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  1. Lo quiero….

  2. I was going Droid but to see it has No surepress…wahooo. Just RIM don’t let me down.

  3. Susto! Blee

  4. please avisenme donde como y cuando jajaja yo tambien quiero el mio, nada como blackberry

  5. Yo tambien necesito uno de esos con que precio saldra a la venta????

  6. Surepress isn’t so awful. Having used a Storm for a year and a half now, I’ve found quite a few useful abilities within the user interface paradigm that just wouldn’t be possible without the extra “click” of Surepress. But to each his/her own.

    I think I would be VERY interested in this device to replace my Storm, but not as long as it’s on ATT or TMO. If RIM does a CDMA (maybe a 9850 will be the first LTE Blackberry for next year?) I’ll very likely jump on it.

  7. Me iniciar una tendencia?

    I want this phone, so I might have to wait a few extra months to get this on ebay if Tmos not getting it. I’m not leaving Tmo, especially not for AT&T’s ETF.

  8. Wow! Touchscreen + Keyboard. No Suretogowrongpress. What’s the catch? Missing WiFi? No GPS receiver? Only 64M of memory? C’mon RIM! There must be something!

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