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Tawkon Cellphone Radiation Monitoring App

blackberry radiation tawkon While scientists cannot conclusively show correlation between cellphone radiation and cancer that is not stopping developers and accessory makers from trying to protect you from it. The latest to join the fray is Tawkon which monitors the radiation levels on your BlackBerry through their app. The app monitors and analyzes the radiation and will give you prompts when radiation exposure has increased or passed a certain threshold. This might be useful since BlackBerrys have some of the highest allowed SAR ratings in the industry.

The Tawkon app operates in two modes: Prediction Mode (while not on a call) and Call Mode.

  • Prediction mode – map your home, office or neighborhood to identify low, moderate and high radiation zones (indicating the expected level of radiation during phone calls in that location with your specific device)
  • Call mode – talk on as usual while tawkon monitors dynamic radiation levels and alerts you just when you should take precautionary measures to minimize radiation exposure

The app works based on a technology that analyzes your cellphones dynamic SAR and current conditions. Not sure how scientific it is but let us know if you try it out. You can pick up Tawkon for BlackBerry for $9.99 in the store at this link.

Features include:

  • Real-time indication of high (red), moderate (yellow), low (green) exposure to mobile phone radiation
  • Action prompts (subtle suggestions with visual, audio or vibration alerts) to minimize radiation in real-time
  • Feedback – confirming whether a recommended action was effective in reducing radiation exposure
  • Statistics to monitor actual and avoided radiation over the last call, day, week, month and six months
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  1. Incredible review Ronen! Looks gorgeous. The GUI has me slipping off my highchair. It’s a mystery to me why the compatibility shows only the 9700< series device. That's it, not even the obvious 9600/8900 devices are included. I would love to try this, hopefully we will see an update for the touchy kids too very soon.

  2. That’s a pretty unfair generalization Ronen. There are just as many BlackBerry at the low end as there are at high end.

  3. I have a feeling all they are doing is reading the dbm values….

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