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BlackBerry App World Hits 7,000+ Apps

App World Kongsolo I usually do not keep the closest eye out on App World numbers since they are usually pitiful compared to other app stores. DavidB happened to be counting and tallied up the latest count to 7075 as of writing this article. That count included about 1669 themes but not including the 6 Test Center apps. Once again App World is moving on up.

RIM keeps on focusing on quality over quantity but their ratio of quality apps let alone Super Apps has not really be on the rise. What do you think? I know that I only have 8-10 apps installed on my BlackBerry at any given time which is nowhere near the 20-30 I usually see on most iPhone and Android devices.

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  1. I’ve got the 9700.

    Right now there are
    30 apps installed.
    Including: Viigo, UberTwitter, Bolt, Opera, EOffice, Nobex, Notify, Taskify, Shazzam, SugarSync, WordPress, Facebook, Urbanspoon, and a few others.

    The number of apps I have is above average, but its a matter of what you want done. I think counting games or themes as apps is not useful because someone might have 9 themes installed but they are only ever using one, games likewise. Otoh I often have Viigo, Bolt, UberTwitter, Nobex and The Hockey News all running at once.

  2. I don’t know about quality! There’s a lot of junk in there! It would be in RIMs best interest to show all original storm owners a little love when 6.0 rolls out! After all we were their guinea pigs! There was a lot or money spent on these Storms! Let’s hope they’ve written some code to accomodate our memory issues so we can run the 6! We all can dream!

  3. Yes Jack, we can DREAM! But I have little hope that with only 128MB of application memory. What with how badly Viigo leaks memory, I find myself with QuickPull warning me I’ve dropped below 5MB free at LEAST twice a day (from ~15MB free at bootup). It’s really a shame that RIM put a whole gig of “device memory” in the thing but has yet to either deliver an app themselves or an API for others to use that wasted memory. They could remove some of the tarnish from the Storm’s reputation by releasing an OS 6 upgrade that could actually USE that memory but I don’t see it happening. IMHO RIM has relegated the Storm to the scrap heap of history (to be followed shortly by Storm2and Tour). Hmmm….a trend? The last “good” CDMA BlackBerry was the Curve 8330. Essentially every CDMA device since (except the new 9650) has been seriously flawed in one way or another.

    From my BlackBerry Tour…

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