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Cnectd Multi Platform BBM Alternative IM

img06 ScreenHunter_02 May. 18 21.50 Over the last few days I been testing this new application for BlackBerry from Cnectd, a multiplatform BBM style messenger. The application recently became available for BlackBerry and is also available for Android, Symbian, and Iphone.  It does required data in order to work, which means that it will work anywhere in the world.

Some of the features the BB application offers:

  • Set Avatar
  • Create groups
  • Send Free messages
  • Send location
  • Search for other users or groups

The application’s UI looks nice and it is still in Beta. I can see it having great potential specially to chat with other non BlackBerry users. Sending pictures works nice and downloads fast even on a slow data area.  To download this application point your browser to:

OS 5.0 or higher
Click here
OS 4.5 – 4.7
Click Here

Keep in mind that the application is still in beta and they are actively working on improving it with bug fixes and adding new features. They welcome any feedback you may provide.

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  1. Good… if it use push API.

  2. You can set it in the options for push notification.

  3. I guess what I am seeing here is troubling. There are any number of these messaging apps coming out now. The limitation for all of them is that they require a new client to be added to anyone that will use them. And I don’t see any real value over the current apps that link into the PC based IM products like Yahoo & Windows Live Messenger. The beauty of BBM is it is already in place on every BlackBerry shipped. So everyone that has a BlackBerry just has to give out a PIN. All these other clients require a user to get all of his contacts to load a new program. For techies.. that’s a no brainer. But for a lot of people, it’s an added hassle they don’t want to do. I just can’t see any of these things taking off over even IM+ or BeeJive; much less WLM & Yahoo Messengers.

    • That’s basically the problem here.

      Odds are anyone you know is already on AIM, GTalk, etc (same with BBM). Even if they aren’t, you’d have to convince all your friends to use this instead anyways.

      The difference on this one is that it isn’t a multi-client chat client, so either your friends use this or you can’t talk to them… Also this isn’t going to be available on all platforms probably ever (dumphones, feature phones, older platforms like Palm OS, etc), whereas stuff like AIM already is…

      So yeah the app looks nice, but I really don’t see people migrating all their friends from all the other services.

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