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Rumors: Storm 3 mockup preview

ScreenHunter_01 May. 18 11.19 Take this as RUMORS, ElECITE released some illustration images and a short animated clip of what they claim to be a close image of the Storm 3 they got to test. With the attention around the Bold 9800, the flip 9670 and the upcoming BlackBerry 6 most have forgotten about the Storm series. The Storm line has been a conflicted line for RIM since most people either hate it or love it, and most tend to fall within the negative side.

According to ELECITE the new storm is impressive with the following features:

  • 16GB internal memory Via propriety SSD/Flash hybrid technology
  • 10+ Hours of Talk Time
  • 300 PPI Screen resolution
  • A Crystal-Clear Glass screen
  • Designed for comfort
  • Multi-touch
  • A better visual OS looks better than what we seen from OS 6.0
  • multi-press enhancement
  • 802.11n Wifi, Bluetooth 3.0
  • Support for 60GHz WI-FI spectrum

Check out this video Direct LINK

This is really HARD to believe specially after what we have seen from RIM so far, but I am really hopping the rumors are true and that RIM releases this device for GSM carriers in the U.S. Maybe T-Mobile and AT&T will finally get a Storm device. If the rumos are not true, RIM should really consider this idea. I know the Storm has not been a great success but here is me hopping RIM finally releases a nice touch screen device not only through Verizon but other carriers as well.

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  1. Wow, I can’t believe you guys would actually fall for what Elecite wrote as anything even close to true. Elecite is a theme developer and that mockup was setup to get you excited about their theme. That is not the Storm3 nor will it ever be. Not only that, but if it was, can you imagine how fragile it would be? RIM would not build something like that and you guys we’re incredibly gullible to post this even as a rumor. It would have been better posted as what it is: a theme with dreams of what Elecite would like to see in a Storm3.

  2. That’s why it says it is hard to believe but is more wishing than anything

  3. I didn’t know information had to meet a certain criteria to be considered a rumor, lol (pretty certain that defies the point of a rumor)…

    But yeah, obviously no way would Elecite would get some exclusive that nobody else does.

  4. Please change the phrasing then as you know the gullible will run with this. And the random news sites will pick it up in their scans and republish it, basically spreading a non-rumor. Better phrasing would be to say “This is what Elecite thinks the Storm3 should look like and what they’d like to see in the specs… What about you?” (or along those lines). Sorry Luis, but…

  5. I know that this isn’t true but that WOULD be one flippin’ sweet device if RIM did / was able to make a BlackBerry like that. I would SO buy it if it was made. I’d rock it IF it was able to be produced. Probably be the first storm that I would rock, permanently! Too bad it ain’t true though.

  6. And you’d probably break it the instant you put it in your pocket. Its a completely impractical design.

  7. There are tons of people using unlocked Storms and Storm2s on AT&T, T-Mobile and other GSM carriers. RIM should have released versions of the Storm2 which supported AT&T 3G bands and T-Mobile US 3G. They would have sold a lot of them but sales of the Bold 9700 would have been cannibalized a bit.

    I’m tired of people bashing the Storm series (especially people who’ve either never used it or only used the original Storm with the crappy original software). I got the original Storm when it came out and it wasn’t that great but once Verizon released OS version six months after the phone came out, it became a much better device and even better when they released OS 5 for it. The Storm2 was great from the first day I got it. RIM and Verizon’s biggest mistake was releasing the original Storm with slow and buggy software. The Storm’s reputation never recovered from that. I’ll bet there are a lot of consumers who never bothered updating the software on their original Storm so they’re still running the same crappy original software.

  8. Idiots!

    ever heard of tempered glass? Four to five times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp shards when it fails.

    Don’t think this is real either but your argument of “it’ll break” is dumb at our modern age.

    • Err tempered glass is more brittle… I don’t think they want the entire glass piece shattering into tiny pieces.

      • Maybe but point is, now a days, anything can be done.

      • Tempered glass is not more brittle, it is extremely scratch and shatter resistant. Pyrex (R) is a form of tempered glass. My Surefire flashlight which the standard brand for the military and US Special Forces for their weapon lights and flashlights, runs a Pyrex lens. I have put my Surefire through continued abuse, tumbles and even thrown if off a few cinder blocks without even leaving a scratch. If the new Storm 3 is going to run a tempered glass lens, I’m excited as it would be the toughest, scratch and shatter resilient touchscreen on the market. If Pyrex and tempered glass are tough enough for the US military, it’s more than tough enough for a Blackberry.

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