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More Details on BIS 3.1 Upgrade – Windows Live Contact Sync Requires OS 6.0 & More

Contact Sync It looks like RIM has followed up on the original BIS 3.1 documentation with two more knowledgebase entries spotted by Josep. These detail the features in BIS 3.1. So far we know that Windows Live Hotmail contact sync will require BlackBerry Device Software 6.0 and Yahoo! Mail and Alt-N contact sync requires OS 5.0+ just like Gmail contact sync. Sadly categories and/or contact group distribution lists will not be synchronized.  We also know that contact sync is limited to 10,000 contacts… 🙂

From these knowledgebase entries:

The official change log of BIS 3.1:

  • Wireless Contact Synchronization
    Two-way wireless synchronization with Alt-N MDaemon v11 via SyncML, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail contacts and the Address Book on the BlackBerry smartphone:
    • Synchronize contacts quickly and easily to the BlackBerry smartphone
    • Add or edit Contacts and the Contacts are automatically updated, whether they are updated on the computer or BlackBerry smartphone Note: Wireless contact synchronization with Alt-N, Yahoo! Mail and Windows Live Hotmail occurs every four hours. This means that a delay of up to four hours may occur when making a change on the handheld or on the BlackBerry smartphone.
  • Change Device Update
    For improved usability and increased security, users must first insert their SIM in their new device in order to change their BlackBerry smartphone personal identification number (PIN) assigned to their BIS email account. Users can no longer explicitly change their PIN through the HTML BIS email interface without first inserting the new SIM. Once a user has inserted his/her SIM in the new device and has logged into the HTML BIS email account, the new device will be detected and the user will be required to confirm the PIN change on their device. For CDMA users, customers are required to contact their wireless carrier to have their new BlackBerry smartphone provisioned prior to setting up a BlackBerry Internet Service account on their new device.

Note: The use of wireless contact synchronization with Yahoo! Mail and/or Alt-N requires BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 or higher and a Yahoo! Mail and/or Alt-N integration with BlackBerry® Internet Service.

Note: The use of wireless contact synchronization with Windows Live Hotmail requires BlackBerry Device Software 6.0 and a Windows Live Hotmail integration with BlackBerry Internet Service.

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  1. What happened to GMail read/unread synchronization ?

    • It already works for me… I have Gmail read/unread sync

      • It does ? My carrier upgraded to 3.1 a few days ago and to 3.0 a couple of months ago. I understand that the two way synchronization of GMail’s read/unread status came with 3.0. But till today, it doesn’t work for me. Was I supposed to do something to trigger the function to work ? Does the status change happen instantly for you ?

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