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10 Year Cellphone->Cancer Link Study Comes Up Inconclusive

Lecture-hall I am dying to finally get some real conclusive facts on the link between cancer and cellphone use. Every new study that comes out finds it hard to link the two yet every day I hear about how constant cellphone use can be harmful to your health.

This latest study was by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer studying 13,000+ cellphone users over 10 years. The results so far show no clear answer to that question. Yet the researchers say that the possible link should still be examined. One issue with the study is that it was funded in part with money from mobile phone companies but still the World Health Organization is pretty solid. About 5.5 million Euros came from industry sources out of the total 19.2 million Euros spent on the study.

I want to know what you all think. My gut seems to think there is something to this cellphone->cancer link but nobody has been able to prove it yet. On the other hand 19.2 million Euros is quite a big chunk of change that could have been used to look for a cure instead of researching possible causes that always come up inconclusive. Thoughts?

via Reuters

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  1. I think I’m not going to worry about it until there is PROOF there is really something about which to worry. Like “global warming” or “BPA in bottles”, show me REAL evidence. There are far too many things that are undisputed (like the dangers of phone use while driving) for me to get spun up about things without repeatable scientific proof.

    from my BlackBerry Storm…

  2. Just wait until you can’t use a cell phone in public because people are worried about secondhand radiation giving them cancer.


  3. Ronen,

    You kill me. You seem so sensible most of the time and then you say stuff like this. You’re giving equal weight to scientific studies that follow thousands upon thousands of users across continents that were kept going for longer than it takes to go from high school graduation to completion of a PHD, and the shrill, hysterical, addlepated, and logically bankrupt intonations of folks who consider correlation scientific proof. By the hand-wavery-as-science these folks use I can equally “prove” churches cause murder. There’s this very well done study that shows that the more churches there are in a city or town the more murders there will be.

    Do you see any holes in that logic? Do you really think the inanimate buildings are killing people?

  4. excessive anything will cause cancer
    all things in moderation
    global warming is not a fraud, you f moron

  5. No, I think that you still aren’t sure about the issue is less sensible than I expect of you. I might be missing some humor in your text, but honestly I’m more prepared to believe in good government than cell phones causing cancer.

    • I also am a bit of a skeptic about cellphones causing cancer yet on the other hand it was ingrained in me as a kid to stay away from devices that emit radiation because… Well you know why. I just am waiting for the research to show clearly one way or another or just give up and say there is no correlation. They throw so much money at this research and every time it comes up just as inconclusive.

  6. Ronen has a point. While these studies have not been able to prove that cell phone radiation causes cancer, scientists so far have been equallly unable to proclaim that cell phone radiation is harmless. “Inconclusive” is not a reassuring verdict.

  7. 20 million is worth it. Prevention is better than cure. And who could know it would be inconclusive at the start?

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