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BB TV Watch: The Marriage Ref

The marriage ref is a show where married couples go on the show and each give their side of an argument. Then, three celebrities talk about the issue and which spouse they side with in the argument. Then, eventually, the marriage ref makes the call for one of the spouses.

Last night, the show started off with a couple with a familiar problem–a wife who never puts down her BlackBerry. The introduction showed that the wife messages during conversations, in the bathroom, and when out to dinner. The celebrity panelist joked and seriously talked about the changing norms of smartphone etiquette. It seemed like it could go either way. But then we found out that the wife even uses her BlackBerry DURING SEX!!! The panel quickly changed sides and the marriage ref made the call–she has to calm down on BlackBerry use.

So fellow BlackBerry users, what do you think? When is it just too much?

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  1. I did not see the show, but really depends on how the lady is working the BB. If she is looking over his shoulder to BB then she needs to put it down. On the other side of this debate, her husband can use this as a chit, “You can use the BB as long as you get down on all fours,” then I can see where it would be acceptable.

  2. Hulu link?

  3. LOL anyone that can use phone during sex, is sending a pretty strong message.

    “Sex with you stinks”

  4. She is not even a true BB addict!
    She hasnt moved her BBM out of the IM folder and onto the Home line or even the Home folder.
    She hasn’t updated her version of the OS even though the notification has been sitting there on her first icon of her Homescreen for who knows how long!

    But ya, I largely agree with the husband. At supper is no time to be on your BB…or at the very least put it on Vibrate! When they are being ‘intimate’ isn’t even a question! Put it away!
    I hope every kid in her class is texting like crazy today!

  5. If anyone needs a hyberpad this couple does. If they could IM me their address I would send them one for free.

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