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Rumor: BlackBerry Tablet to be Smartphone Companion?

success-failure I REALLY hope the BoyGenius is wrong on this one. He claims that his sources have confirmed that the BlackBerry tablet will be a companion smartphone device not a standalone device coming to us sometime in December or sooner. In short think of the megafail Palm Foleo that was the death knell of Palm OS. It looks like RIM might be going right down that road. The tablet will either tether with your BlackBerry over Bluetooth or connect over Wi-Fi.

That is one of the biggest issues I always had with tablets. They tend to be either a closed garden limited device like the iPad or a totally dummy device like the Redfly which is just a bigger screen and keyboard for your BlackBerry. I really don’t see the point of either since they don’t address a specific need but I really hope RIM is not going down this route. If you are already trying to play catch up at least make something good!

What do you think? Would you care for a BlackBerry companion? I can see it now. Carrying a Laptop, BlackBerry, and a companion BlackBerry… The reason a BlackBerry works is that it gives you mobile access to your email and PIM when you don’t have your laptop. If you already have your laptop then why would you want a more limited tablet…

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  1. Sounds like a fail to me… they should make it to be another stand-alone device which is able to have it’s own PIN# as well as BIS or BES plan…

    • I agree. Especially for big companies who give out blackberries without voice service, a larger standalone device purely designed for business would be great.

  2. I hope they are reading this and get a move on and change it to something more exciting or is bound to fail

  3. IMHO a BlackBerry tablet that’s purely a companion device would be a total FAIL. They’ll sell a few to the BlackBerry rapid that would like to drop their netbook or laptop, but for mass adoption a BlackBerry tablet needs to be a standalone device with essentially all the functionality of a BlackBerry but in a tablet form.

    Now, if it can SEAMLESSLY synchronize itself with the BlackBerry on my hip, I’m all for THAT. If I can chose to go out and about with either my BlackBerry on my hip (or in my pocket) or my BlackBerry under my arm, or head out with both, I’m good with that sort of “companion” functionality. But if you’re FORCED to carry both in order to have the tablet functional, thats a recipe for market failure.

    • I hope you don’t mind that I support RIM for such a decision. I call the iPad’s idea of having a 3G ATT plan a fail…tethering your “Blackpad” to your phone to get the internet you need is a great idea. I’m guessing, that’s probably one of the new features in OS 6.
      I do not believe that the Blackpad will not be able to breathe alone, but will need internet access to download books, magazines, websites, blogs…etc
      Will it be able to read books, play games and other stuff? I suppose so and I don’t think that needs a phone for that…
      More guessing? Desktop manager will get more popular with the new Blackpad, Blackberry phones will boost it’s functions but not limit it.
      These are all guessings…RIM is smarter than what we heard.

      • I agree with both of you. If the ‘Blackpad’ requires a BlackBerry to work, then they may as well scrap the project right now. But if the BlackPad has the option to tether to my phone for data, I’d be all over that…as long as I can still use my Blackpad without my BlackBerry. I’m with Sprint, which doesn’t do the whole simultaneous data/voice thing. Considering what I use my laptop for, I could likely get by with a lightweight tablet, but I guess we will just have to wait and see…

      • can we try not to call it the blackpad… i pray blackberry doesn’t name it that, be original RIM. we all made fun of the iPad name when it was first announced so it definitely shouldn’t be acceptable now for a blackberry device

  4. I hope for nothing more or less than a very entertaining (web and media) and productive (think email and documents) companion device.

    While “fail” is thrown around on this page a lot, I see no other option as a BES admin working with these devices and the infrastructure for many, many years.

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