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Giveaway: Leave It On 2.0 By ShaoSoft 25 Free Copies

screenshot_4 ShaoSoft just released version 2.0 of their popular Leave It On application with a couple of nice features. The applications does exactly what the name says, it leaves the backlight turned on when running specific applications. The new version now has a feature that displays a pop-up alert when you get new messages that allows you to launch the application.

Pop-Up Alert Feature Supports:

AIM, BBM, e-mail, Facebook, BBM Groups, GTalk, Gmail, ICQ, IM+, Skype, Social Scope, SMS, Twitter for BB, UberTwitter, WhatsApp, WLM, Yahoo.

Check out the video demo at this link.

Application Features:

  • Leave the backlight on automatically for up to 8 applications. Just launch the application and Leave It On will automatically keep the backlight on for you.
  • Keep the backlight on while charging, through USB, car charger or regular charger.
  • Low battery setting. Disable the backlight from staying on when the battery falls below a certain percent (configurable)
  • Set how long to keep the backlight on for, settings from 1 minute to 2 hours or never.
  • System wide “Leave It On” menu option so you can leave the backlight on at the click of a button
  • Customize pop-up options, text colour, duration to stay on screen and more
  • Turn on the screen and popup options built in for over 17 applications

Leave It On is on sale at the Berryreview Store for $3.99 until may 15th, regular price $5.99.

Giveaway Details: For a chance to win a free copy simply leave us a comment below before Saturday May 15th.

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