ShortcutMe Updated to v3.10 With New UI & Handy New Features

SCM_3_10 The popular and useful shortcut application ShortcutMe has recently been updated to v3.10 with some new features. The app is intended to simplify and shorten the time it takes to perform certain tasks on your BlackBerry. The new features in version 3.10 do not disappoint. You can find a video demo and the full update list after the jump.

 ShortcutMe is available in the store for $4.99 at this link

  • Launch ShortcutMe with Space key If you are in the BlackBerry Home Screen and no other app is assigned to launch with Space key, ShortcutMe will launch by clicking the Space key
  • Multi-Space-Key Click feature From BlackBerry Home Screen just double, triple and quadruple Space key to launch your most used apps
  • Loads background image Nicer look with background images, your own or the ones downloaded from page
  • ‘Download Optimized Background Images’ button to download images directly from our web site
  • Background Image Rotation Instead of always having the same background image, you can choose to force ShortcutMe to load a new image every time it is launched.
  • Multi-Click Apps View New view for Multi-Click apps. This new view can be launched if you click any of the multi-click keys 5 times.
  • Test-Run button when you create/edit a shortcut. Test-Run allows you to test your shortcut as you create/edit it, instead of every time exit and test the shortcut.
  • Display name will auto update when AppName is changed.
  • For Call, Msg_Email, Msg_PIN, Msg_SMS, select a contact from the Address Book, instead of copy and pasting it
  • Msg_Email can accept an Address Book group as parameter: Create a shortcut to send email to several people.
  • Now_Playing added to the supported app If a media file is played, you can bring it to forefront using ShortcutMe
  • Added Screenshot_PNG_SCM to the supported app Take a screenshot and save it as png file (Screenshot_SCM creates jpg file)
  • Device_InfoPlus renamed to Device_Info_Plus
  • Added Device_Info, Wifi_On, Power_Off, Backlight_Brightness to the supported app

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