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Poll: Which Rumored BlackBerry Device Would You Buy?

BlackBerry9800Slider2_thumb[1]Over the last few weeks have seen leaked images, patents & quite a bit of rumors of a BlackBerry tablet. The Blackberry slider is the first one we seen images of, looks like a decent device, hopefully a touch screen and full QWERTY combo, the second is the awkward looking 9670 clamshell full QWERTY device and lastly is the rumored BlackBerry tablet that has cause much confusion across many tech blogs. Note that this are just rumors and we are not 100% sure if this devices will end up at a store near you or if they will even look just like the leaked pictures.  The question is which one this devices are you more likely to buy or would you purchase more than one?

Clamshell9670_thumb[1] blackpad[1]

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  1. Those BlackBerry devices I see on the Internet that run Android have been looking better and better every day. When is RIM going to bring those to Brazil?

  2. I voted for tablet since out of the three devices in the poll that’s the one that gets me excited about the possibilities for the BlackBerry platform as a whole.

  3. I dont see any upcoming BB device competing in the high-end consumer space. The HTC incredible has a 1ghz snapdragon cpu, Android 2.1, HD display. The iphone HD has front facing camera, app store on its side, faster A4 cpu for 3D stuff, high res display too….

  4. I like the slider but to bad at this point its not going to be available for CDMA

  5. Blackberry Slider.

    I might consider a tablet if it had a different name and it wasn’t just a big storm.

  6. i always had a soft spot for sliders for first choice would be the Slider then Clamshell, always liked flip phones also for some reason, love my 9000 and 9700!

  7. slider while not open reminds me of the HTC Eris with a trackpad instead of a trackball which after my 9700 i cant live without, no more trackball replacements and watching what i have been touching before i use the trackball.

  8. Ill go for the slider for sure!! but the tablet is something new ild love to try it, but surely if the price is average not too high!!

  9. I want the Slider on Verizon!

  10. Those 3 devices don’t catch my interest, unfortunately..

  11. I’ll take all of them, thanks

  12. I picked clamshell, love my 9700 but would like to worry about the screen less.

  13. I want the prototype where the BB still has a QWERTY keyboard but the screen is touch screen. My next pick would be the blackpad although I have no use for it.

  14. Slider!

  15. None of them. Don’t care for any of their form factors. I never thought I’d say that the most exciting thing from RIM right now is the new beefed up 3G Pearl series and supposed new webkit browser.

    Can RIM create an all touch 4″ screen on a device that is thin as the HD2, just as beautiful and fluid as the iPhone? No springy sure press device that freezes up.

    How about dropping a 1 GHz or better processor and at least 8 GB’s of internal storage just for applications?

    How about a browser that is BETTER than what’s out there and an app store that makes you want to visit it?

    Get rid of all those 1990’s security protocols and unnecessary options just to download an app.

    Does a device really need to take 5 minutes to boot up from a battery pull?

    ** END RANT**

    If RIM could develop a killer device as described above that isn’t full of bugs and crashed at launch with global HSPA + capabilities, they might steal me back from Android.

  16. Unless something major changes, this coming June I will buy a Droid Incredible and leave RIM for good. OS 6.0 will probably not be enough to keep me with BB.

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