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Premium Avatar “Neytiri’ Theme from Airborne Mobile

I know I’m a little late with reviewing an Avatar theme but yours truly has not yet seen the movie (I know) and so I figured the next best thing would be to try an Avatar theme on my 9700. Everyone knows the movie for its stunning visual graphics and the images alone on this theme are certainly very nice…but overall I’m not impressed. Firstly, the theme lagged for me. Secondly, the nice wallpapers have trademark/copyright information stamped at the bottom. I’m sure the theme designer had their reasons but ‘eh’ it’s kinda of annoying. Also, the icons, unopened message icons, dialog buttons, battery/signal meters…even the little ‘ring’ notifiers, while nice, are not original because I’ve seen the exact same ones used by another theme developer. With a theme of this caliber (and price) why not be original? All in all, it’s not an awful theme but if it wasn’t for the attractive wallpapers, and the fact that the person using it would have to be a die hard Avatar fan, I don’t think it’s worth $5.99. Remember though, this is just my opinion.  I realize the theme developer probably had to pay for license rights but in that case, and for that price, give us a great theme…not a so-so one. For those of you still willing to take the plunge, you can buy Avatar theme at our Berryreview Store. There’s also a ‘Jake’ version available as well. Available for a variety of BlackBerry devices.

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  1. Nice Looking Theme But I Have To Agree With You Said Vicky: “I don’t think it’s worth $5.99”

    On A Side Note…You Haven’t Seen The Movie?….If You’ve Seen Pocahontas You Seen Avatar!!!

  2. Wow I’ve seen a Developer use Cocky Culture idea’s before but never the whole entire “icon-set.” Good Call Vicky. This really is a shame but I’m glad you have the gusto to modestly point that out.

  3. well i watched avatar and yeah its a great movie! but as u said you should be addicted to avatar to pay $5.99 for such a theme!! eventhough it looks gr8, i dont think ill ever get it on my bold 9700!!

  4. vibrant background + bland icon colors that don’t stand out = weird look….

  5. Just to clear up the obvious confusion, it’s been posted elsewhere that Airborne contracted Cocky Culture to create both Avatar themes.

  6. Hi John, Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t see that Cocky Culture was brought aboard to design themes for Airborne. Tony (Cocky Culture) does some nice themes. However, I still think that for a big budget movie theme, that cost $5.99, it should be completely (or almost completely) original from any other theme out there. Granted, I realize the work that goes into designing themes but look at themes coming from WJD Designs for so much less or even the free themes from Natemz and yet both do very original designs.

  7. I’ve seen better themes come out of a hooker’s ass!

    Not that I’ve ever really actually seen that, but had I ever had the chance, it would look like this theme.


    what? what was that sound? ohh! that was the sound of originality speeding by us. bye, originality!

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