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More Rumors Surface About BlackBerry Tablet… SurePress?

blackpad The iPad really raised a ruckus in the tablet market. I am still not sure what problem or need the iPad is solving for people but it is definitely in high demand. We heard quite a few rumors a bit back that RIM was working on their own tablet and The Street just stoked the flames by adding some more rumored info to the “BlackPad” tale.

Scott Moritz of The Street had the following to say (summarized):

  • RIM is rethinking its tablet strategy
  • They originally planned on releasing a Android based tablet by the end of this year but decided instead to base it on the BlackBerry 6 OS they showed of at WES
  • This decision to use BlackBerry 6 has pushed off its release date to early next year
  • RIM will market the tablet to the consumer market instead of their usual enterprise approach
  • The device will supposedly use the Marvell Armada processor instead of Intel or other offerings

Take all of this with a grain of salt since it is coming from analysts who are paid to speculate. Still its disheartening to see that once again RIM is playing the catch up game with Apple. Hopefully they can come out with their own differentiating feature that will blow the iPad out of the water. All I ask is that it PLEASE NOT have SurePress!!!!!!!!!

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  1. What, the secure and rock-solid communications capability of BlackBerry wouldn’t be enough of a differentiating feature? I do. I look at it like this: iPad has shown us TABLET 1.0 (yes, I know there have been others but it’s the first real success). A year from now we KNOW Apple will be bring out a successor tablet, we’ll probably hear about it in January. And by first quarter of 11 a BB tablet will be hitting the market full bore or RIM misses their window completely. Apple will have done for the market what no bb PR could have done, that is get tablet devices into people’s hands and getting them thinking of the paradigm shift the form factor enables. And developers will be thinking of all the cool applications they could do, ESPECIALLY those who develop business apps but have an iPad at home will be thinking what they could do business app wise. But business isn’t going to be hip to how insecure is an iPad, heck it was rooted on Day 2 and the cellular version was rooted on Launch Day, and no BlackBerry has yet been rooted that we know right? If RIM plays their cards right, they let Apple do the work of building the “tablet perception” in people’s minds and then they drop a business-worthy tool in our laps. But in all of this RIM absolutely MUST build in consumer friendly features, and market the hell out of it to consumers, not business. Businesses will come if it’s a commercial success AND brings the secure and reliable communications they already associate with the BlackBerry name.

    • If RIM wants to keep up with the tablet game, they’d better bring down the prices dramatically, add WiFi and make a BB app world for it with an accelerometer like the iPhone/Storm.
      If RIM does that they will be a head of the rest and in the lead in my humbled opinion.

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