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Blurry Shots of BlackBerry 9800 Slider Running BlackBerry 6 OS

BlackBerry 9800 Slider 2    BlackBerry 9800 Slider

I am always amazed how bad the image quality can be of spy shots for unreleased devices. The latest batch of blurrycam shots comes to us from BBLeaks showing of a slider BlackBerry 9800 running BlackBerry 6 OS. This is one of our first looks at a slider BlackBerry prototype running on the Rogers network but it is definitely not running the latest version of BlackBerry 6. Hopefully we will get some better shots of the device soon.

I am kind of on the fence when it comes to a BlackBerry slider but it might be a great compromise for users who HAVE to have a full QWERTY keyboard. What do you think?

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  1. I have been soooo waiting for this one!

  2. I will get it just for curiosity I have always wanted to try the slider form factor

  3. What do I think? OMFG I JUST SMP, that’s what I think! I’m ont of those ‘have to have QWERTY’ kinda guys, but I would love the real-estate of a Storm or similar device. And if it is touch, so much the better :). I like my Tour, but with the upcoming release of the Bold 9650, I was thinking about switching. Now I can honestly say I have no interest in the 9650 anymore.

    • Yeah, but Derek, we KNOW GSM gets the cool stuff first. Other than Storm, GSM carriers have ALWAYS got the cool new devices way before CDMA carriers. I suspect we will see this in 2010 on ATT and/or TMO, but not until 2011 on VZW or Sprint. 🙁

      from my BlackBerry Storm…

  4. Would love the slider qwerty. I really liked the palm pre (just underpowered) and would love to have a BlackBery that gave me the screen of a storm and a keyboard of a bold

  5. I’m getting one as soon as RIM release this on T-mobile. The browser better be lighting fast like they’ve promised. Awesome-des.

  6. I’m a Rogers client with a 9000. Picked it up the week it was made available. I use the keyboard all day long, but these aging eyes are pushed to the limit by the screen so I love the big display w the full keyboard. If it comes with 512 or better internal memory and all the capabilities of a bold w/ a touch screen capability added, shoot, I’ll pony up for one in a heartbeat.

  7. First on my list, when my Bold 9000 is up for change

  8. Same size keyboard as the 9000?

  9. So, does this have a touchscreen AND a keyboard? If not, they can throw that project right into the trash for all I care.

  10. I tried the Vzw Storm2 and Vzw Droid and just cannt get the hang of touch screen for typing IM’s, TXT Msgs or e-mails. BUT I want the full screen experience so I have been waiting for JUST THIS KIND of device!!!

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