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Verizon Wireless Network Extender Now $99.99 After Rebate w/ Free Shipping

Verizon Network Extender Now here is a sweet deal for all of you suffering from bad Verizon reception in your home or apartment. Verizon Wireless has their Network Extender on sale for $99.99 after a $100 rebate with free overnight shipping. That is a pretty sweet deal compared to the previous sale price of $199.99 or the retail price of $299.

As a reminder the Verizon Network Extender only extends voice calls so it does not help for data over EVDO or 3G but it could be useful if your device has Wi-Fi. The nice part is that unlike Sprint there is no monthly fee.

Check it out at this link on Verizon’s website. You need to click the Buy Now link to see the discounted price. Kudos to Tom for sending this one in!

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  1. So why doesn’t this work for data? Too bad, coulda been a nice addition to the conference room…

  2. What a shame it doesn’t do EV-DO. They could have sold thousands of these and solidified many customers if these were true full up femtocells. They have the price right (no monthly fee since the customer pays for the backhaul bandwidth) but without data support the utility is small. I guess Verizon forgets that they only just recently saw the Wi-fi light. But perhaps that’s the point? Clear out inventory with a fire sale to make way for a new model that DOES do data? I

    • It’s a bit misleading regarding data. The Extender works great with my BB and enables not only voice, but data (email, web, SMS, etc.) from what would otherwise be a dead zone on my property. It’s obviously not 3G speeds for data, but for email, it just isn’t something you notice on the BB.

    • Hi, just got off the phone with verizon the sale and rebate is on until the end of August. But I see on here everyone is having trouble with there rebate. What is happening with that? I hate my verizon signal. I can’t use my cell phone in my house at all. I only keep it so I can take to my daughter without using up her minutes if it wasn’t for my daughter I would drop verizon in a heart beat. So I am going to try the extender and pray it will help me in being able to use my phone while I am at home.
      If you bought a extender and you are happy with the results please let me know.

  3. I purchased the extender. Much to my dismay I am unable to get the rebate form to request the $100 rebate. Help!

  4. Sir:

    I would like to know the expiration date and when the rebate form has to be sent in by and where to find the rebate form for this purchase.


    Don Schroeder

  5. I can’t find the rebate form either. Can it be forwarded to me or a link to find it? Thanks guys!

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