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New CarbonBB Theme from BB-Freaks – 50 Free Copies!

BB-Freaks just released their newest theme called CarbonBB. Dark grey and chrome color combination makes this a slick looking theme. Again, not a fan of the big icons…just not my thing…but the theme itself worked nice enough on my 9700. The home has access to a lot of icons so if you’re someone who likes that feature and doesn’t get confused too easily then you should appreciate this theme. Tastes aside, it’s a well done theme and for those of you a bit unsure if you wanna commit, try before you buy with their new ‘trial’ feature. All details can be found at the following purchase link via our Berryreview Store. For those first lucky 50 though who race on over there, select your device, and enter coupon code RBX50BRX at checkout (it works, I tested it) you’re getting this baby for free! BIG THANKS to BB-Freaks for this giveaway! Please also say thanks in the comments if you got one for free.

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  1. Thank you Berry Review and BB-Freaks. I’ve become a fan of their themes.

  2. I’ve got the code entered but it’s showing as -$1.00 and won’t let me check out! The theme looks awesome! Thanks BerryReview and BBFreaks… But I can’t get it to complete the order…

  3. Thanks BR. Sweet theme.

  4. yeah same thing happened to me…first time I get one and I get an error!

  5. Yeahhhhh…. my total ends up at -$1 and it won’t let me check out. Way to go guys, I’d LIKE to try this theme but now I will lose my opportunity to have it for free because your coupon is set up wrong.

  6. Wonderful theme…I’d like to have it on my 9000….

  7. Hi folks, Seems like some got it no problems but others didn’t. I checked the code and it is indeed only taking one dollar off. This wasn’t the case yesterday when I checked. However, I have emailed the theme designer and have asked him to look into it. Either he or I will comment soon. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    • For me it’s not taking $1.00 off, it’s actually saying that the store OWES me $1.00 because it’s already discounted from $4.99 to $3.99. I’d really like this theme because it looks awesome and I think it’d be great on my Tour 5.0 OS rather than the crizzappy standard themes I have.

    • Hey there i was hoping i could get in on the 50 free copies of CarbonBB and i was fortunate enough to do so. I had no issue what so ever with the download. It was straight forward with no issues at all. Keep up the great work Vicky and i enjoy visiting Berry Review everyday!

  8. Code works. Thanks Berryreview and BB-Freaks for the theme.

    • Code doesn’t work! I tried like 5x already and it’s not working. Still saying
      -$1.00 and won’t complete checkout.

      Please help!

  9. Pick me please. I would love to install it on my BB Bold 9700

  10. Didn’t work for me, gives me a balance of -$1 and can’t submit order. Looking forward to the fix.

  11. Nice! I like this theme 😀

  12. I just downloaded CarbonBB and it works fantastic. I would love to say thanks for the free download. This is one of the best Themes I’ve downloaded and its definitely a keeper. Keep up the great work you guys over at BB Freaks, I just love your themes!

  13. From emails and comments it still seems that some people are getting the code to work and others aren’t. I’m not sure if it’s device specific or what. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience but I have contacted the theme developer and am awaiting a response.

  14. Couldn’t get the app using the PC. Try DL-it from the BB browser. It worked for me-no issues with the code.

  15. Nope, still doesn’t work for me. Would really like to get this, although I’m sure the 50 free copies will be used up before I get it to work.

  16. Wrok for me!!! You must do it form BB Browser, NOT from the PC.

    THANKS BBFreaks and BERRyReview!!!

  17. This theme looks very cool.

  18. Work for me!!! You must do it form BB Browser, NOT from the PC.

    THANKS BBFreaks and BERRyReview!!!

  19. Sorry for any inconvenience i think this is a problem from mobihand because i’ve checked the coupon code and nothing is wrong with it but i also get the -$1.00 here in my browser. I think mobihand is discounting $4.99 to the already discounted price of $3.99 and thats why it shows -$1.00, there are a lot of people who got it without problem i think people via the BB browser and couple people got already a refund. I’m contacting mobihand to tell about this problem because this is out of our hands.


  20. Got it!! Doing it from the BB Browser worked fine – thanks!!

  21. Would love a copy, but also getting the -$1.00 total and won’t let me complete the order. Thanks.

  22. Hi guys I downloaded with not problem work great my bold 9700 thank you all team of berryreview and BBfreaks

  23. Hi again folks, as the theme developer commented, he is looking into the matter. He mentioned to me that 40 of the 50 codes have been used so people have gotten them (as we can also see via the comments). I know some of you were early but because the code didn’t work, didn’t get the theme for free. I am hoping BB-Freaks will oblige me on a request to hand some out to those of you. However, these are just contests and these issues will happen. I can’t guarantee anything but I’ll try my best ;-). Keep in mind there will be plenty more giveaways in the future. BB-Freaks is always very generous in that respect.

    • Hi Vicky, in all fairness, can the first folks that posted the issue get a free copy? I was one of them. If not, I understand and love you guys!

  24. Ok, I did it from my BB Browser and it works. Just not working from the PC.

  25. fammi provà

  26. This would be a nice addition count me in

  27. OK I wasnt able to check out at all… tried for the past hour and a half on my PC…

  28. missed out on this because i got the -$1.00 and wouldn’t submit order..looked like an awesome theme

  29. I ended up adding something else to the order and still getting the discount from the theme featured here plus $1 off another item! Great Code!!!

  30. Hey!!!!! count me in toooo! xxxxx

  31. yeeeeesss like it

  32. heyy please count me in tooo!!! thanks alot 😀

  33. Well it didnt work for me :/ it said the promotion code has already been used and the value is still 3.99$ … is there any other promotion code?! cheers to all who worked out with them 🙂

  34. would love to try it! have a 9550

  35. It worked for me yesterday. Great theme. Thanks so much BB-Freaks and Berryreview.

  36. Hey I’m just wondering how lucky beamolite to be able to load this theme eeventhough he is the last guy who used the promocode???
    I guess some ppl are born luck, others not lol… Anyway ill wait for another theme for my bold 9700 🙂

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