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Did RIM Just Turn on BIS <-> Gmail 2-Way Read/Unread Sync?

Throwingpapersintheair I started noticing an interesting change in my email over the weekend but I thought it was just a fluke. I know RIM was supposed to add 2 way read/unread sync for Gmail this Spring but they have been really flakey about when that would actually go live. Reports have already told us that it has been on for a few weeks in the EMEA regions but from what I have been hearing from readers and friends along with confirmation from Michael at BGR it is now on for North America.

Let us know if it is working for you! I was surprised I did not have to remove and add my email accounts again to get it to work.

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  1. yep, started seeing my gmail sent messages show up!

  2. Not here

    • Update: 2-way read/unread sync is now working! But it doesn’t 2-way sync deleted items, so I still have to manage my inbox in two places. Thanks fer nuthin.’ 😉

      VZW Tour

  3. Can someone clarify:
    What is the exact functionality that we are looking for? If I read a message on the BB, it shows up as read on GMail. That’s been happening forever. Are we simply trying to see if, when reading the email on GMail, it then shows up as read on the BB? If so, that is not happening for me (Verizon 8330).

  4. I’ve started to see Google Buzz messages show up.

  5. Hopefully it means that if I read/delete a message in gmail/google apps, it then updates as read/deleted on the bberry. Having 2 unread messgaes in gmail but 300 on the blackberry is a pain in the rear.

  6. … And if this is what its supposed to do, then no, its not working. 🙁

  7. Yeah it is supposed to sync back from Gmail to your BlackBerry. Let us know what carrier and device you are using if it is working or not. Maybe we can narrow it down…

  8. I thought I experienced it last night but I was tired. 2 way sync seems to be working for storm on verizon.

  9. bold 9700/at&t not working

  10. Bold 9000 on Rogers doesn’t seem to work.

  11. 8130 on Sprint, not working.

  12. Bold 9700 on AT&T not working!

  13. As of Friday last week on my Verizon Storm, it was NOT working. Will have to check when I get back home to where that phone is sitting to see if it’s started.

  14. Bell 9700… I thought I was crazy, but they started showing up this weekend sometime.

  15. Yes. I think so. Even my draft replies are showing up.

  16. I have an 8520 on Tmo.

  17. Sync is working, but dropping all sent messages from into my desktop folder instead of my Gmail folder.

  18. I’m able to view drafts, and sent e-mails from the web on my phone but two-way delete/read sync is not working on T-Mobile BB 9700.

  19. “Working” on VZW Tour, OS MR 2.5:

    1) Synced messages show up a checked on the device (both sent and received);
    2) Deleting message on device syncs with Gmail; and
    3) Deleting message on PC does NOT delete on device.

  20. 9700/Telus. Finally we have 2way Sync. Both Pc and blackberry read and delete work.

  21. Working for me here in India since the last week or so….
    The ‘Sent’ messages from Web version of Gmail automatically show up in my Blackberry as ‘Sent’

  22. How do you turn this off? I have received the same emails about 40 times to my Storm2 and cannot find how to turn this pain-in-arse “feature” off.

  23. it is working for me, both ways, and very quickly too. i have a 8320 curve on ATT. very excited for this change!!!

  24. Not working on my Storm 2, running .607 on Verizon.

  25. sort of working on Bold 9000 on ATT. It seems to take a few hours to sync, but it does mark reads and deletes. Sent messages seem to show up faster.

  26. The sent items are showing up on mine, but it still isn’t syncing the read/unread status. If it’s taking a long time to do that, I haven’t noticed.

  27. Ever since about the time my Gmail sync STARTED to work, now my Yahoo mail sync (as well as delete from server) no longer works. I have a Yahoo email account that I have going to both of my Verizon BlackBerry. Before the latest round of BIS upgrades, when I read an email on one BlackBerry it would no longer show as unread on the other. And doing a delete from server from either device REALLY deleted the emails from Yahoo mail. Neither no longer happens.

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