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Rumors: RIM Working On A BlackPad?

blackpad BBleaks is reporting this morning that they have heard word from an insider that RIM is really working on a tablet as well. Just a few days back, I heard that RIM had ordered parts that would indicate that it was indeed the case. Take this as RUMORS since there is no solid evidence at the moment, just word of mouth, but it is interesting to see news that a BlackBerry tablet could be due soon.

The evidence:

  • RIM orders parts for a large touch screen
  • OS 6.0 has many features for touch screen devices
  • BBleaks has been fairly accurate at digging some juicy information


  • Smaller and thinner than Ipad
  • Code name BlackPad
  • full BlackBerry OS compatibility and functionality

So the question is, how likely are you to buy a tablet, or do you even want to see RIM making one? I, for one, wouldn’t mind seeing RIM make one. I sure wouldn’t buy an iPad, but I would buy one if RIM made one. If the news is true, don’t expect to see it until sometime next year. RIM does take a long time to release devices and especially since this is a whole new game for them, maybe the Storm was just a stepping stone for them.

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  1. RIM making a tablet? Meh. They give no signs whatsoever of going in the right directions with their latest OS releases and design decisions, so I doubt a “Black Pad” would be very good. Actually, RIM suffers from obvious iPhone envy, so anyone who considers buying a “Black Pad” would probably be better off getting the iPad. Why go with the copy when you can have the original?

    • I don’t want an iPad because I hate Itunes never been fond Macs. Or the OS I rather learn Linux, BlackBerry works fines w windows, I have a BlackBerry why wouldn’t I want a BlackBerry tablet if it did come out. One more reason I don’t want to support apple, don’t like the way they do things and I wouldn’t want to give them more encouragement :p

  2. I’m jumping ship soon if i don’t see any new changes from RIM,I’m starting to having feelings for Android.

  3. Android is not that bad I see google, apple and rim battle it out for #1 spot.

  4. I already have. My incedible should be in today. But hopefully the storm 3 will bring me back. I like BB but the user experience is boring. The functionality is still top notch though.

    • Storm 3? Where did this come from? You would think if they were even remotely close to having this come out that they would have shown a prototype of this at WES, right? Where is the slider that there were leaks of months ago?

      I would love to see a Storm 3, but I don’t see any new devices anytime soon. I’m with you folks courting other manufacturers Android (and Windows 7 Phone) – and now lets not forget HP – Palm. RIM has seemed to have fallen on hard times in releasing devices that the non-business user wants to use. I use mine for all-purpose use and like my blackberry but their designs have been so vanilla. Their phones need to be more distinct from each other.

      The 9650 and 9700 look so much alike, as does the 8520 for crying out loud. Let’s mix things up a bit, eh? I was thinking Flash was going to help but not a single preview of Flash at WES on a Blackberry? What gives?

  5. If it were available without contract for a reasonable price, I might.

  6. I would definitely jump in if Black Pad is released. I hate the iPad. I test drive it and all i have to say it SUCKS!

    • I got to play with one the other day, is not something I would use much but if the rumor is true and it is fully integrated with the BB OS I could see much more use for it than the ipad.

  7. The storm 3 and the slider are under production we may see them at the end of this year or first Q1 next year I do have to say was a bit disappointed with the slow news at WES but let’s remember that WES is focused more on enterprise stuff not announcements. Also RIM is not about to talk about rumors or speculations or upcoming devices until they are launched that includes apps and sofware. Flash will be announced by adobe along with rim. They have already said a date for android so I imagine BlackBerry is next.

  8. BlackPad im definately getting one!!!

  9. The Blackpad, if it comes out as rumored, will EASILY surpass sales of the current Apple iPad BECAUSE the iPad, in all reality, sucks! I know this for a fact, because I have one. I bought into the hype and put my name on the list and got one almost on day one. I bought the highest priced (64 MB) with 3G. Now I feel like an idiot. I will tell you this as a FACT: I will sell it on eBay to buy the Blackpad, assuming it has what it is rumored to have, the day the Blackpad comes out.

    Why? The iPad does NOT support Flash. That sucks. The iPad does not have a video camera or even a regular camera. That sucks. Why? Simple. I would simply like to do video conferencing with my friends and family as well as my business associates. I would like to use my Skype. I can’t and that sucks. I want to watch instructional or introduction videos on all the websites I visit, which are all done in Flash and guess what, that’s right, the iPad doesn’t support this. That sucks. The iPad that sits on our coffee table does NONE of this. Again, that sucks. How about more simple tasks? I want to print to our home network printer from the iPad and it does not print. That really sucks.

    The iPad is great for checking email (assuming you don’t have to print anything) and for reading books, but that is it. I hate it for searching the web because the majority of website have some type of flash and Apple, the arrogant jerks that they are, won’t support Flash because they want to control the world of video by offering their own version of Flash.

    I would give the iPad, as a user, a 3 to 4 on a scale of 1-10. In summary, I can’t watch flash movies and instructional videos on the websites I visit, I can’t use Skype to video conference, I can’t take pictures and upload them in one fast motion and I can’t print. HELLO!! The iPad is NO BIG DEAL.. Believe me. The Blackpad, if as advertised will SMOKE the iPad – and there is one very serious buyer waiting right here.

    I do however love reading all the sheep that aimlessly follow Steve Jobs while in a trance: “I love Apple, I love Steve jobs, I love Apple, I love Steve jobs” (You can just picture them spewing this as they walk around in a circle)!

    If anyone is interested in buying my iPad – contact me. I will sell if for $100 less than I paid.

  10. naming it the the BlackPAD is a bad idea in my opinion. It only enforces its ties to the ipad. it shows they are envious of the ipad.

  11. I agree completely!! I really depend on Flash!

  12. Ill buy it

  13. Fantastic! Cant wait till I can get my blackpad.


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