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WES 2010 Keynote General Session Live (Ended)

We have never done this liveblogging thing before but I thought it was worth a shot. Let us know what you think!

The stage is set for a pretty interesting show any guesses as to what they will announce?

Mike Lazaridis just got on stage starting to push efficiency

RIM is once again pushing the concept of super apps where quality of applications is more important that quantity

Mike calls BBM the best mobile social network out there. More than 20 million people use BBM regularly.

Touting the fact that the BlackBerry Curve is the number one selling phone in the US dominating the top 5

Now we are back to hearing the old news about the release of the BlackBerry Bold 9650…

The white BlackBerry Bold 9700 is being announced this week for North America

Mike just called the Pearl 9100 the Pearl 3G. Is RIM trying to copy Apple’s 3G moniker for devices?

Over 41 million people are using BlackBerry smartphones… Looks like that is all for BlackBerry hardware.

Mike just announced BlackBerry 6. It is going to be built on a few principles:

Fresh yet familiar, Easy to use, yet powerful.

Mike is giving us a taste of BlackBerry 6. Pictures to come later.

It looks like RIM is really got a nice look for BlackBerry 6. RIM is betting that crisp graphics and transitions will save the day.

Confirmation that WebKit will be exclusive to BlackBerry 6. Part of the integral experience.

BlackBerry 6 will launch next calendar quarter. Guess that confirms it! just got up on the stage. He sounds a bit confused but it sounds like he wants artists to be able to stream music to fans from their phones instead of through MP3s

Looks like RIM  just got a bunch of partners and alliance members to lie on film saying they love working with RIM to develop products and market them

Jeff McDowell senior vice president of marketing just took the stage after

Touting BESX which is BES at the best price… Free.

BESX downloaded over 55,000 times which is impressive for enterprise software

Robin Purohit from HP just joined Jeff McDowell on the stage

HP is trying to tackle mobile enterprise challenges. From Globalization and mobility to real time demand.

Robin is unbelievably boring talking about virtualization and that needs to be solved by automation. This guy is DEFINITELY buzzword compliant. He throws cloud computing in there and all. Who chose this guy to speak???

Lets play count the HP Buzzwords. Converged Infrastructure, Holistic Environment, Flexible Platform, Dynamically Integrate, Cloud Computing, Dynamic Workload Balancing, SLA’s, Mission Critical, End To End Visibility, Business Automation, the list goes on…

Will he ever get off the stage… blah blah blah optimized integrated blah business value blah multi-network blah relevant business value. yada yada yada. Something about mobile printing. He is almost done! Sorry guys my ears are starting to bleed.

Finally he is done. Damn now Jeff is asking him questions. PLEASE Jeff let Robin off the stage.

Now we have Ted Farrell Chief Architect of middleware and tools at Oracle

Providing a set of tools and applications to extend Oracle applications out to mobile users. Working together with RIM. Nothing really new to say they were not saying before. They help customers rapidly develop applications built on oracle.

Their application lets you create backend applications that are synched with a local SQLite database on your BlackBerry in the background. Oracle keeps on extending their applications beyond what they currently offer from E-Business Suite to Peoplesoft.

They are trying to add collaboration using Oracle Beehive on BlackBerry with reliable connection to email and tasks along with communication. Now they are doing demos of their application connections. Kind of stale and its weird to have a live demo of boring applications in a keynote. Wow this demo is boring. Ted is having a conversation with himself using two BlackBerrys…

Most exciting part of the demo. His BlackBerry Tour freezes right in the middle of the demo… Now it is going on about how easy it is to use Oracle for your business to mobilize applications.

Is there a reason everybody likes to use doctors and nurses for application demos? Is it just an easy use case or is there something else to it?

Moving on. Now we have Jim Cook President of business solutions at CSC. Never heard of them before…

I need to have a word with the person who chooses the WES Keynote speakers. Jim Cook is almost as bad as Robin from HP.

SUPER DUPER BUZZWORDS are coming in the next generation of technology! Non premise based transactions are a trend that will continue to virtualize and mobilize cloud transactions with the underpinnings of cyber security. I even learned a new one. Trusted Cloud Orchestration for Open Communication. I have no idea what that even means!

It gets BETTER. WE are getting to see case studies! Hold on to your seats!!!

Its all about the framework letting companies be presence free! SAS airline was trying to give a premium service to their clients using applications that provide mobile data. This is groundbreaking!

Sorry just fell asleep for a few minutes… Remind me to skip any session by CSC.

Just ended guys. That wraps this up. Expect to see more news and pictures up soon!

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  1. No pictures??

  2. I’m sorry but are you serious, that’s all they had to say. Everything that was said was leaked already. Come on are you serious, this can’t be. I hope other keynote have more exciting thing to say. A lot of this I heard yesterday when Mike spot to analyst. I love the way 6.0 is coming along thou.

  3. I was and I’m more excited for the theme you and bb-freaks just gave away.

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