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BerryReview Unlocking Store Grand Opening! ALL BlackBerry Unlocks $9!

BerryReview BlackBerry Unlocking Store I am proud to announce the launch of our new BerryReview Unlocking Store today. The unlocking market has always been a bit of a black art to me and the costs associated with unlocking a BlackBerry can be high. While some carriers like AT&T will now unlock your cellphone for free (if you are their customer) it can take over a week to get the unlock code. That is a problem if you are traveling that week and need it ASAP. This also does not help people who bought phones from a different carrier and want to unlock them to work on their carrier.

That is where the BerryReview Unlocking Store comes in. We pride ourselves on speed, customer service, and reliability. Our goal is to provide amazing service to our readers in just minutes. We can get your unlock code in minutes, no hassles, no stalling. Just top notch service. The way its meant to be. We can remotely unlock virtually all BlackBerrys for $9. (Except Virgin Mobile Canada)

Check out the BerryReview Unlocking Store at

You will normally get your unlock code once your payment has cleared according to this schedule:

  • During regular business hours (M-F 10am to 6pm EST) and can get you an unlock code within minutes (up to an hour)
  • From 6pm EST to Midnight EST we can get you your unlock code within 3 hours
  • On weekends (Saturday & Sunday) from 10am EST to 9PM EST we can get you your unlock code within 3-5 hours

Our goal is to provide you with the best and most affordable service possible in this economy. Feel free to let us know what you think so we can improve!

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  1. Congrats on the new service.

  2. Thanks Chestr. Always working on new things…

  3. Wow. Nice work Ronen. Nice to see it cheaper then any other sites that offer this. Just keep the price low for us telus users and we will be happy!

  4. when you unlock the phone then you can use it at any cell phone provider.I have us cellular and they say it has to be a us cellular phone or they can’t activate it.

  5. Does this work for Cincinnati Bell? I’ve tried a few unlocking services that claim they can unlock any BlackBerry for $XX, only to find out Cincinnati Bell falls outside this set price, that it is not only more expensive, but takes longer (I’ve done 3 phones with 3 different companies, each taking more than a week)

  6. cdma phones can’t be unlocked.

  7. Yes CDMA phones can be unlocked. It has to be the world phones that take a Sim card. Telus has CDMA phones, Tour, S1 and S2 these phones can be unlocked.

  8. One order placed. It was a bit tedious to do on my Tour but I finally got it to go through. Still waiting for the confirmation email.

  9. Good to hear that. But eBay offers code at $1.50. And offers refunds if it fails.

    • eBay offers unlock codes? Or do you mean shady eBay members offer ‘unlock codes’ with ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ and ‘refunds upon request’? As I stated earlier, I’ve tried a few unlock companies, and haven’t been happy with any. I looked for cheap prices, and I got what I paid for. I really don’t expect that sort of problem with BerryReview, as the staff has always been quick to reply to my e-mails in the past.

      • Guess either I was lucky or you were not. I have unlocked just 4 BBs and got the unlock code within the day. I did have to research the procedure a bit though. Nevertheless, BerryReview will still be an icon of trust for such things.

  10. Does this work in the UK guys?

  11. The above information indicates:
    “We can remotely unlock virtually all BlackBerrys”

    In the process will we receive the unlock code and then have to input the information per any instructions that may be sent to us ,or will it be done automatically
    (ie remotely) by your service?

    • Hi TJR,
      The unlock codes are delivered to you by email and you will need to follow the instructions we send you that will detail how to unlock your device in a few short steps. Should not take more than a few minutes.

  12. Hi everyone,

    I’ve just try this service and it works very fine : my Bold 9700 from ORANGE France is now unlocked…I was not able to wait the 6 months delay to have the unlocked code.
    In France either you wait 6 months to get your free unlocked code or you pay 75 €.

  13. I’m officially unlocked by BerryReview thanks Ronen. Was I the first?

  14. The set price at $9, will this be always or just for the grand opening.

  15. It is a good price to unlocked all phones. Hope it stays at that set price. For us telus users, we have to pay over $35 and up from other unlock company’§. Which I refuse to pay. You’ll make a killing for that price. I will from now on get my codes here!

  16. Congrats on the new service guys! Keep up the good work.

    Has any US Cellular users tried this yet?

  17. Congrats on the new service and all, but it is WAY past time to take this down as the top story on the site, guys.. 😉

  18. I suspect the ranking is based on number of comments. So here’s another to bump it up some more. 😉

  19. I paid the $9 this morning around 12.30pm for unlocking my new 9800 and have not receive any news on it. It says that the answer will be on max 1 hour. What happend?

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