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BlackBerry Bold 9650 To Launch With 512MB of Memory – OS 6.0 Ready?

bold9650 storage Now here is a little wrench thrown in the BlackBerry Bold 9650 release. Kevin over @CrackBerry got some solid info that the BlackBerry Bold 9650 will be launching with 512mb of memory instead of the now standard 256mb. This is odd because previous prototypes that were leaked and reviewed only had 256mb of memory.

It also looks like the Bold 9650 will launch with OS 5.0 but will be ready for OS 6.0 when it comes out. It will also launch with the WebKit browser which we knew already. Kevin heard some rumors that the BlackBerry Bold 9700 might be the only current device that will get the WebKit upgrade but there is not telling if that will mean it will also get OS 6.0. If anything it could end up like the BlackBerry Bold 9000 which took months to get OS 5.0 even though it was “Ready” for it.

Still its nice to see that RIM is working on speed for upcoming versions. I truly hope they have some news at WES about OS 6.0.

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  1. Is RIM kidding me!!!!!So I dropped over 3 bills to pick up a 9700 4 months ago and it won’t be able to handle the new OS when it comes out, apparently in a couple of months? So basically i would need to pick up a new bb every six months to run the most up to date OS., because of insufficient RAM????? Aren’t there devices out there with with RAM in the gigabytes??? Then why is RIM cranking them out with what is clearly insufficient RAM? What a bunch of crock. I am done with these RIM antics. Wil be jumping ship if that is the case come WES!

  2. damn……what he said.

  3. I too just purchased a BOLD 9700 just over 30 days ago and was looking forward to the OS 6.0 upgrade. I guess I need to go back to an iPhone. They don’t make you purchase a new phone every time Apple does an OS upgrade. Cheap shot RIM.

  4. People love jumping to conclusions based on nothing…

    Do yourself a favor and switch platforms so you can stop complaining.

  5. Yup….will do me that favor. Thanks

  6. Actually I don’t think it had anything to do with convincing, but rather innately knowing what is better, you know…an “ahh moment” of sorts.

  7. You innately knew what was better yet bought a 9700 a matter of months ago…

  8. Yeah I know…I am pissed off I did not have this “ahh moment” months ago! I could have put that money towards something else. What the hell!

  9. I would say your totally wrong on this. Go buy your iphone 3Gs because Apple isn’t going to update the platform when 4Gs is out…Your stuck buying yet another iphonish…lol. And Kevin says that it (is)
    rumors that the BlackBerry Bold 9700 might be the only current device that will get the WebKit upgrade and Os 6.0.

  10. We shall see…

  11. Oh fuckin god I have BB 8320 and I want to change, but I like design from BB 9000 I hate long style from 9700 and 9650 (i think it’s this same), I don’t need 512mb I just want WebKit browser and new OS ;/

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