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9670 Clamshell BlackBerry Would You Buy It?

Looks like RIM was serious after all on making the clamshell device; A few weeks back we saw some sketches BBleaks was able to dig up from patents for a full QWERTY clamshell device and that sketch looks just like the 9670 device BGR has posted images of.  The response we got from the readers about the sketch is the same  towards the leaked images of the 9670, in fact Some of you actually though it was an April fools joke when we fist posted the sketch.

blackberry-9670-4 qwertyflip_thumb[1]

I had clamshell devices before but not a big fanatic of them and looks like most of you who have something to say are not too fond of this device. If it is out in the wild it only means that we are likely to see it for sale at a carrier near you sometime this year. You can check out the full gallery at this link from BRG.

The question we like to know is, how likely are you to buy this BB once it is out ?

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  1. No, I would never buy this type of BlackBerry device. Too old school.

  2. Haha. I already owned one– It was my Skytel two-way pager over 15 years ago. Interesting that they have a patent on this as the Skytel was also a clamshell with a qwerty keyboard.

  3. I think this has Highschool and freshman college girls written all over it. Replacement for the Sidekick I’d imagine

  4. Nope, doesn’t appeal to me. I’m gearing more to touch.

  5. Nope…Its fugly..waiting for my  slider.

  6. hell no, come on RIM r u serious this can’t be. what kind of professional look is this.

  7. Im with automan69 im looking forward to slider as well. But there again Sprint wont get that one either just like the Storm

    The BB flip looks like it is quite large for a phone today Remember the old old Motorola flip phones.

  8. No, would not ever buy it!

  9. It’s a widebody Pearl Flip. Chance of me buying one is ZERO.

    Hard to believe RIM would even seriously consider trying this form factor unless they somehow think that making a Pearl Flip wider would mean success. I mean, for what it is, Pearl Flip is a decent device (though it’s a bit “thick”), but I don’t think anyone could say it’s been a market success. But maybe some of those RIM surveys we fill out have told them that Pearl Flip WOULD have succeeded IF it had a full QWERTY, and thus we have this 9670 (though honestly it SHOULD be called a 9250 but apparently RIM cares not for maintaining any logic in their numbering any more).

  10. Bold 9000 is my first blackberry given what I’m seeing with RIM i don’t think I’ll bother with them any longer, it’s time to move on for me.

  11. A lot of people are pretending this is a final form factor instead of a prototype…

    Another large chunk is saying they hate it because they hate clamshell. Understandable, but there *is* a market for it regardless. This basically turns a clamshell phone into a full powered, full qwerty smartphone with higher res screens. Hasn’t really been done.

    • But I forgot, this is the BB community! It’s about complaining and feeling entitled, not about reason.

    • Thank you!!! This is so what ive been wanting evrything rolled into a clamshell whats not to like apps wifi good camera with flash! & full qwerty and it looks compact closed plus vids ive seen of it look even better then the pics.

  12. I wouldn’t mind trying out the device but probably would not use it as my main device.

  13. 100% no.. :mrgreen:

  14. Hell to the No!! This is the ugliest thing I have ever seen!

  15. Uh yeah… It’s pretty clear no one wants this.

    How can RIM even think about coming out with this phone??? Seems kind of backwards when you compare it to the current Bold 9700 or the Pearl 9100 that is coming out now ( Granted… you don’t get the same screen real estate, but these two current models are sexy as hell!!!

    I’m still kind of hoping this is some kind of prank. I’ll take the Slider concept over Clamshell anytime. The addition external screen is nice, but wouldn’t sway me to buy it over any other model. Look at the four buttons above the keyboard! Just ONE big WIDE piece of plastic. RIM, please say this is a JOKE!

  16. Will keep my Storm2

  17. Yes I will

    I’m waiting for long time for a new clamshell from RIM

  18. I like flips, and this looks like it is very capable. I’d buy it, just to not have to worry about protecting my precious screen or pocket dialing. Nice specs.

  19. there is no reason not to buy a clamshell other than your personal likes or dislikes. Rim cant please every one.
    Having used an iphone I find it interesting but not for a phone. Its very busy and the calling ability is not so hot. Its a computer that allows alot of info.,but its not a phone and I dont care what Apple thinks. The BB has a different quality and its steady. The Android is once again business. By the way people are having trouble with the update on platform.
    If u like business youll like the “busy” phones. Dont expect great quality in the phone transmission. Just greenier and u want to find out what the fuss is about. Im sticking with BB. I think this flip thing maybe a gender thing and thats ok also.

  20. I would buy this in a heartbeat. I love flip phones. I had wished the Pearl Flip had a better processor but it also lacked a full keyboard. Once I left my Pearl for the Curve, there was no going back to a Suretype.

    Looking forward to the Clamshell.

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