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Review: Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth Headset

Review: Plantronics Voyager Pro
[rating: 9]
Price: ~$84.95 in the Store

While looking for my next headset I went onto Amazon to check what was ranked the number one headset. Sure enough, it was the Plantronics Voyager Pro, a fairly new headset with lots of positive reviews. After watching this video I was really impressed and determined to try out the headset.

First impressions: When first taking it out of the box you wonder how you could possibly wear a Bluetooth headset that will, as my fiancé put it, make you look like a phone operator, especially coming from wearing smaller headsets. However, you quickly forget about this once you start using the headset.

Fit: While it takes a few tries to get used to putting on the Plantronics, the fit is very comfortable. This is probably the most comfortable Bluetooth headset I’ve ever worn. After hours of wearing it, you do not notice that it’s on, and once taken off, there is no aching or period of readjusting to normal. There are a few different eargel sizes and foam covers. I like that the eargels go into your ear, but do not fit into your ear canal, which makes for a tough time finding a perfect fit.

Sound: Perfect. It sounds like I’m holding the phone to my ear, and not on a headset. Callers all thought I was on the phone, not using a headset. When I’m using a headset to speak with my fiancé, I usually need to enunciate very clearly for the words to come through. With the Plantronics I can ramble away and she hears me clearly. I’m sure having the microphone closer to your mouth helps somewhat.

Other things to note: There is definitely a learning curve with the headset. It took me a few days of regular use to be able to throw the headset on quickly, locate the power button, volume buttons, etc. Once you’ve got that down, you’ll love this headset.

Conclusion: If you want a headset that’s comfortable and has good sound quality, buy this one.

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  1. I both love and hate this thing. My ears are too small (I guess) because it never stays on.

  2. Love this headset! Wind canceling is superb, keeps a good charge, and its very comfortable! I bought it a full price and never regretted once.

  3. Yo me anoto con una copia. Yo tengo Storm! Gracias.

  4. Finally, another multipoint capable device. I’m often amazed at how little of those are around.

  5. do you have any plans to review the nica sunrise

    i think it looks pretty cool (very non-cyborgian) but i haven’t seen any audio reviews online yet

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