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Verizon & Sprint to Get BlackBerry Tour 9650 in Early May?

Sad Vader I really don’t get why Verizon and Sprint have been dragging their heels on this release. We heard that the BlackBerry Tour 9650 was almost ready to go in January (even RIM slipped up about it) and now rumor is on the street it might FINALLY launch in May. The latest rumor comes to us courtesy of Bla1ze over at CrackBerry where they got some info hinting that Sprint would be getting the 9650 on May 16th. The BoyGenius also got word that Verizon would be getting the 9650 as early as May 1st and would announce it at WES.

Should be interesting to see how it pans out. It still blows my mind that the Bold 9700 launched late last year and the CDMA variant Bold 9650 is going to take over 5 months to catch up with features like Wi-Fi and a Touchpad.

As a conciliation prize Verizon has put out a marginally updated version of the Tour 9630 OS up for download. (via CrackBerry) This is actually the same app version as their first OS 5.0 release (Which took months) but updates the OS platform to from .272. You can get it through wireless update from your Tour. Should be a doozy!

PS: Let me know if you know who took the picture above. A friend sent it to me a few days ago and didn’t source it but I was looking for an excuse to use it in a post.

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  1. RIM’s fault or not, if they can’t force carriers to be quicker to market, they’re dead. Now that VZW has Android phones, VZW customers have more solid choices and RIM is falling even farther behind. Just wait till a VZW iPhone comes out (eventually)…

    • I’m a big fan of the BlackBerry platform, and I’ve had one for 6+ years. That being said, I’m always looking for the latest apps, etc, and I have a few friends with iPhones. The more I see it in person (and there really is an app for everything it seems), the more I think “I could see myself using this a lot”. While it pains me to say it, if Sprint gets an iPhone, I would be very tempted. This isn’t really anything to do with the OS, it’s just the third-party app availability. It just seems that lately the trend is iPhone app first, Android app second, and maybe eventually a BlackBerry app.

      • As some who has had all three. I prefer the Blackberry. Android apps I feel is so messy. You put one word in and get a thousand apps that all good but I don’t have time for all that. Iphone is an amazing phone and there is a app for that I have about 60 apps on my Iphone and use maybe ten. The web I would say is the greatest feature. My blackberry all the apps I have on there I use regularly. I got tried of the touch screen on my iphone. Not to mention I had to exchange it because I supposedly fried it. People complain about BB battery life the iphone is worse. Keep your BB. I so wished I got and Ipod touch instead. The only thing missing is voice and on ATT it would not be something missed.

      • While a VZW iPhone would make the carrier tough to beat when it comes to covering all the platforms on top of a strong network, I’m already at a happy medium with a combination of iPod Touch and trusty Blackberry. With the exception of phone and email, my iPod does everything I like it to do and with phone and email, my Blackberry does everything I need it to do. And with the separation, I get enough battery life to drive both for a full day. It truly is choosing and using the right device for the right need and satisfies both sides of the brain at once. Not necessarily the most convenient to have to carry two devices but it is the best of both worlds.

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