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CDMA Clamshell BlackBerry 9670 Caught On Camera!

BlackBerry9670 The OS 6.0 news just keep on getting better. The BoyGenius snagged a previously unspotted BlackBerry 9670 with a full gallery of pictures. This is probably the clamshell BlackBerry we have all been hearing about with a full QWERTY keyboard and dual displays. Its a CDMA device but carries the 9670 branding so I wonder if it will be called a Bold or even a Tour… Personally I was hoping for more of a 9700 with a touchscreen but this is pretty sweet.

The 9670 is running OS 6.0 with a whole new look and feel so expect more to leak about it soon. So far we know it has:

  • Full QWERTY Keyboard
  • 5MP camera
  • Wi-Fi
  • 360×480 display internally with a large external display when closed
  • a Trackpad
  • OS 6.0
  • MicroUSB port
  • And a MicroSD card slot

Check out all the pictures over at the BoyGenius gallery or more details here.

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  1. Uuh, weird..
    But that’s just me tho’

  2. Ummmm…is it just me are does this thing look like it got hit with an ugly stick?? So does this mean the earlier leaks of OS 6.0 was from this device? But yeah….more with this 6.0, screw this flip

  3. Gosh, I thought of a lot of designs but this one takes the cake.
    Like/dislike? can’t tell because I never held one of these. I might be blown away by OS 6 instead of the phone design.
    Blackberry has come out with almost every single possible phone design…more than once….hahaha
    Keep up the good work RIM.

  4. Finally, they pimped out the Options screen!!! lol

  5. Talk about complacency, complacency. RIM I really think its time for you to listen to the users of your device and senior admin/moderators of website of this. I personally think RIM take a great step forward with the OS, but move ten backward with the phone design. Look around RIM at the other companies who gets complacent, the end result does not look good.

  6. This is the dumbest looking phone I have ever seen RIM come up with… what the devil?

  7. CDMA blackberry is awesome. Thanks for mentioning all its feature. 5 MP camera is good and offer crystal clear visibility. While qwerty keypad offer fast text and messaging.

  8. Wow, this would have been awesome in 2005

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