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Giveaway: 2, 1yr and 3, 3months Subscriptions For Slacker Plus

radioplusonwhite_thumb[1] Slacker is one of the best internet radio for BlacKberry it allows you to listen to your favorite music genre while on the go, in the office, at home or anywhere you take your BlackBerry. Slacker has a free version with adds and only a few song skips but Slacker Plus lets users skip unlimited, and provides full song lyrics without having to deal with adds. You can download slacker by going to or from BB app world.


  • Unlimited free music on your BlackBerry
  • Over 100 expert-programmed genre stations
  • Create your own custom stations
  • With a Radio Plus subscription, you can listen even when you are not connected

Giveaway Details: For a chance to win one of the above mentioned subscriptions leave a comment in the comments section. Make sure your correct email address is to leave a comment. Winners will be chosen randomly, comments must be left before Tuesday April 20. Good luck. Thanks to slacker for sponsoring the giveaway.

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  1. I want it. I only listen to Slacker!

  2. Thanks for another opportunity, BerryReview!!

  3. This is great. Thanks for the contest.

  4. I will take it! @geran_smith

  5. Use the free one all the time. I wish I could win the Premium Slacker!

  6. I only use Slacker too. I would love to win this!

  7. I would love a Slacker subscription!

  8. Woohoo! Great contest! :-)

  9. Would LOVE to win. I’ve become a Slackaholic.

    In fact, I’m listening to Slacker right now.

  10. This would be great to win a year or 3 months, I’m not picky. Crossing my fingers. Good luck everyone. Thanks berryreview and slacker for the chance.

  11. I have been a paid member for a year but this would be an awesome gift for my wife!!!!!

  12. I use this everyday and would like to have a subscription !

  13. Im a huge Slacker….fan… work. Gotta have my tunes to get me thru the day. The full membership will be awesome!

  14. Love one

  15. Pick Me…Pick Me!!!

  16. cut me a little slack! thanks bv!

  17. I would love to win a subscription. Pick me please.

  18. Slacker IS my Co-Pilot!

  19. This is a great app. To use the Plus version is a real bonus.

  20. I love slacker!

  21. I’m in. I would love a Slacker subscription.

  22. I love Slacker radio. Good luck everybody!

  23. This is great!

  24. I need this!

  25. I am all about Slacker. It’s my exclusive streaming music source. Pandora is nice, but I like hearing more of the artists that I like and NOT all the various artists that sound SIMILAR to the artists that I like (as Pandora does). I mean Pandora is OK, and if maybe if I had the “paid” version of Pandora to better compare to my current subscription of Slacker Plus, I would appreciate Pandora more than I do, but AFAI am concerned, Slacker rules the radio streams.

  26. It’s available for Canada and I want this so bad

  27. Great app! I use it all of the time. Would love to try out the Plus version.

  28. I hope i win one! I love slacker :)

  29. Would love to win a subscription….pandora is getting meh as of late…

  30. count me in


  32. Mmmm this is one of the best giveaway!!

  33. This app kicks ASS. Good luck to everyone.

  34. Nice one. Just what I need

  35. Just started using Slacker, and I’m finding it to be excellent – so this comes as a pleasant surprise! Would love to win. :)

  36. Would love a subscription, Slacker is great!

  37. I’d love to have this – a def need for someone who commutes through trains a lot.

  38. I like Slacker Radio, although it sometimes quits for no reason.

  39. I would totally listen to this all day

  40. Since I’ve never got the 3 months I won from the LAST contest here, I guess I will try to win again.

  41. Slacker the great!

  42. mighty fine!

  43. Good luck to all

  44. Great app.

  45. this is an awesome giveaway

    THanks BR and Slacker

  46. This would be cool.

  47. This would be great for me!

  48. would love a subscription to slacker! Working in a slow store alone is boring, and good music is the key for not going insane…

  49. Slacker Rocks! Thanks for offering.

  50. count me in.

  51. I need to win it!

  52. I need to win!!!

  53. i would loove a copy.. 😀

  54. This would be a great gift to win! I love Slacker Radio. I had Yahoo Launchcast. :(

  55. I love Slacker!!

    I hope I win because I would like to be able to listen even when I don’t have a connection.

  56. Nice.. Count me in too :mrgreen:

  57. I love slacker! I would love to win a subscription.

  58. Would love to win a copy.
    Thank for the giveaway!

  59. I love slacker. Pls let me win 1 copy

  60. I would love to win a copy!!!

  61. I love Slacker Radio! Please let me win!

  62. Love slacker. Would love to win.

  63. pick me!

  64. id love to try this app.

  65. I would love this, this should add a bit more variety to my daily music experience.

  66. This Would Be Nice To WIn

  67. Oh, YEAH! I’m a Slackerphile – I’m all over this one!

  68. Very nice app.

  69. Cool. This is a Must have.

  70. hook me up yo!

  71. Please?

  72. Please consider me for the win. :-)

  73. i want… count me in ,, please. :) thanks

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