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Emacberry Releases Iconify v1.3 and FileScout v1.8

001_InitialScreenWithDeviceRootsEmacberry updated their popular FileScout & Iconify applications this week. The updates are not drastic but they are worth mentioning especially the cool new Quickfilter option in FileScout and the new integration between FileScout and Iconify. The new Quickfilter is also available in the free version of FileScout which you get just by installing the trial of FileScout! You can see the highlights of the change logs below:

What is new in FileScout 1.8

  • Receive any file via Bluetooth (that is send via OBEX-Push). In order to receive a file via Bluetooth on your BlackBerry® navigate with FileScout to your destination folder (in which you would like to save the file that you are going to receive) and then select from the #Menu ‘Receive file via Bluetooth’. FileScout is now switching into it’s listening-mode and waits till you start the file transfer from the other Bluetooth device.
    When in the target folder a file with the same name already exist, FileScout will auto-rename the new received file (except when you have set the ‘Default file exist action’ to ‘overwrite’).
  • QuickFilter: Quickly filter the content of the current directory. Simply press ‘q’ to enable the QuickFilter function. The window title will now display the text ‘Find: ‘ – now start to type any char sequence and FileScout will automatically filter the current directory. To delete an active QuickFilter simply press ESC. While QuickFilter is active most of the known key shortcuts can’t be active.
    Please note that QuickFilter is also available in the free FileScoutLite version! 
  • Iconify supports in v.1.3.0+ links to files and when FileScout (or FileScoutLite) is installed on the device then Iconify also supports links to Folders. In this new FileScout build you can create IconifyLinks to a single file or folder from the #Menu (of course this item is only available if you have installed Iconify on your device).

What is new in Iconify 1.3

  • Iconify FileLinks – actually when I look at my desktop, I have plenty of links to files (& folders). These are either links to documents that I access frequently or links to my playlists, pictures, etc… So why not support the same on the BlackBerry®?
  • With Iconify v1.3.0 you can create such kind of links to your HomeScreen as well. Either you use the build-in Files app [OS4.x: Start the Media App and select ‘Explore’ from the #Menu] to create Iconify FileLinks or (if you have not already done so,) install FileScout or the free FileScoutLite to browse the file system of your BlackBerry® device, select any folder or file and choose ‘Create File IconifyLink’ from the #Menu.
  • There is more – As you know Iconify keeps track of changes of your Contacts – The same will happen for File IconifyLinks! When you rename files (folders) to which an IconifyLink is pointing then Iconify is automatically update the corresponding Iconify FileLink. When you delete a file or a folder the corresponding Iconify File/FolderLink will be removed as well. Unfortunately ‘move’ is not supported.
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  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!! I will download it now!

  2. When all is said and done, these are two impressive apps! What else could one ask for in a file manager (that is supported by RIM’s buggy API and OS releases, of course)?

  3. This app just keeps getting better and better

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