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If you’re into white, then Hedone Design’s latest theme release Chryom is right up your alley. I tested the 9700 version and I will say it worked very nicely. Honestly, I am not much on rotary dial style themes and this is the second one to come out from Hedone Designs. As someone pointed out to me, “they work much better on touch screens.” That said, I was able to maneuver around the home screen fairly well and the elements and overall efficiency of the theme is sufficient. At $6.99, eh…it’s a bit pricey. However, up to the individual as to what price a theme is worth. There is more information and screen shots at the following link. Chryom is available for a variety of BlackBerry devices at Hedone Design.

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  1. Good lord, Miss Vicky! Why all the kvetching about the $6.99 themes? 7 bucks is…well 7 bucks, but I, truly, think it’s worth the money. I’ve paid this much for something MUCH less well put together or functional. And, for the record, I haven’t found ANYTHING that “works better on a touch screen” (LOL) except maybe being able to dial with REALLY BIG NUMBERS. I’m not, normally, a big fan of rotary themes, either and it’s mostly because designers don’t get the functions worked out properly. That and people think just because there is a circular theme the blackberry is going to work like an ipod. Neither the hardware NOR the software, no matter HOW you slice it, is designed for that and I think that’s what frustrates most people. Even if they don’t ADMIT that’s what is driving them ape, it really is because we’ve become accustomed to rotary-functions=ipod. Personally I love this theme and think it works really well and even if you’re not all that into white, it still looks pretty damned good – especially on a 9700. 🙂

  2. “Cameon”, I am so glad you understand every blackberry user and form their opinions for them, what would the world *DO* without you! Yeah, I’m sure you “Cameon” yourself when you saw this mediocre theme, and felt the need to get snooty and blast the writer of the article (I’m pretty sure they picked her and not you to do the theme review, chief). please pop your titty outta the themer’s mouth.
    give me a break. just because this graphical equivalent to the burrito I shat out this morning works better on a touchscreen doesn’t mean it’s being compared to an ipod. some themers don’t understand the concept of beating a dead horse, cause all these rotary themes are good for are looks, not functionality (obviously). 7 bucks for any theme is retarded, especially for something so bland and lifeless. but hey, that’s just me, I just have better things to spend my hard earned money on. BTW did Hedone mention that this “seal of approval” is from a site HE owns? LMAO! Fail.

  3. Hi!
    I also downloadet the Chryom Theme and like to give a short feedback:
    > it’s verry nice, comes like the screenshots shows
    > it’s not so fast – i.e. the switch between portrait- and landscape-view takes some times verry long, going back from a menu to the homescreen, writing mails etc.
    > Memory leaks enormously – allready my os (Storm 9500/ leaks, but with Chryom hou have drops fom 12mb to 500k in one hour; had to restart or quick-pull it several times per day…
    > One argument was the direct access to a lot functions/apps, but: on the (“normal”) Skin “Precision Zen” you have 11 Functions on the home-screen (8 on the bottom, 3 up (Profile/Watch/Connections) – with Chryom you have 13 (6 Outside-Circle, 5 Inner-Circle, Watch and Connection) – but “Phone” you don’t need (there is the green “Answer-Button”) – so you have 12, 5 (6) not switchable…
    > if you downloaded the German-Version of Chryom, all umlauts haves the two points far above the “normal Line” – like on the upper-Line of the Text…

    Conclusion: it’s verry nice, I even would say, it’s worth the price –
    but if you are really a power user as me (getting 50 Mails per day, writing between 15 and 25 Mails/sms/mms/tweets per day, making fotos, listening music etc. etc.) – then the performance is to slow.

    greets, samuel

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