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Giveaway: 50 Free Copies of QuickNotes

screenshot160 Jeff Hunt Development the makers of QuickNotes have sponsored a 50 copy giveaway to our readers. If you never heard of quicknotes this application allows you to quickly create and save notes in multiple places and fast access to the application right from the menu.  The application works with quick any blackberry running OS 4.5+ and Storm devices running OS 5.0+.

Features and description from the developer:

  • Template Feature – You can choose any color that Post-It notes are currently sold in and use it as your QuickNotes color.
  • Title Feature – In the options, there is an option to enable titling. This allows you to add a title to your note and wherever your not would appear, the title appears for it. This can be turned on or off at any time.
  • History Feature – Saves a history of the notes you enter. You can set the amount of history you want to keep (5 to 30) in the options window.
  • Email Feature – You can email the note currently set to the email set in your options menu. If you don’t want to have to click the button, but still want an email – you can simply turn on “auto email” and it automatically emails you every time you click save.
  • MemoPad Feature – You can add the note currently set to the MemoPad. Along with the email feature, if you don’t want to have to click the MemoPad button, you can “auto Memopad” and it will automatically save to your device MemoPad.
  • Save on Erase Feature – In the options you can choose to auto save every time after you hit the Erase button.
  • Display Location – Choose to display the note at the top or bottom of your menu.
  • AutoSave – If you want to be able to quickly close out of the application instead of having to click save every time – now you can! Just enable AutoSave and the back button does the work for you.
  • Menu Integration – It builds directly into your menu. By doing this, you have quick access to see the beginning of your not and also have quick – direct – access to edit it.
  • Font Control – Option to choose the font size, family, as well as the font style.

The application is great for storing quick ideas, when you are on the run and want to write down a nice idea or something you want to remember later.  You can purchase this application for $1.99 in the Berryreview store.

GIVEAWAY: The developer is giving away 50 free copies to our readers, for a chance to win leave a comment before Midnight Monday 19th.

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  1. Can i pleeassee? 😀

  2. I have been looking for an app like this for my BB….would love to win a free copy for sure! I am crossing my fingers :-).

  3. Never won

  4. This is a comment in the hopes of winning a program that looks quite helpful and useful

  5. Awesome – I am constantly needing to have notes for myself for any little thing. To have something like this that seems to be fully integrated into the OS is great. Plus, who wouldn’t want the option to customize the quick note down to the color of the note itself? I would totally welcome this app as an addition to my BB.

  6. What a really useful little app! Would love to win this. Great contest & thanks to Berryreview & Jeff Hunt for running this one. Good luck to all!!!

  7. great tool! Notes are essential most everywhere! Would love a copy please.

  8. i just left a note to myself to comment on this contest b4 i go to lunch.

  9. i wanna a free copy… sure gonna be handy when u need to jot down something when in a hurry…pweety plz…!?

  10. This app would be perfect. I hate having to write a note, but not having a pen available! Pls let me try this app on my storm.

  11. I need a program like this

  12. Looks Useful. I’d love a copy.

  13. This app surely will help in completing my task..

  14. Hey, this seems like a cool app. I’d love an opportunity to win a copy. thanks.

  15. Gotta stop forgetting the milk! Sign me up!

  16. I would love the opportunity to win this great app.

  17. Need an app like this for my BB.

  18. want one!

  19. I want a copy!!! 😀 Thanks for the chance 😉

  20. this app would be useful to help remember sots of stuff

  21. I’d love to have a free copy.

  22. Thank berryview!

  23. I will love to have a copy. Thanks BerryReview for the contest.

  24. Looks great, please count me in.

  25. I live by the notes on my BB…I would really appreciate this app!

  26. Looks cool

  27. Cool app. I like the autosave feature and Menu Integration. Here’s hoping to be picked. Thanks for yet another great give away!

  28. Useful, productive application for my blackbarry.

  29. Thanks – this will be a great addition to my BB.

  30. i would like this app please

  31. A needed app.

  32. Great to have

  33. Would love to have a copy!

  34. Cool app. Send a copy my way.

  35. Looks like a really cool app. Would be great to use when you have those spontaneous ideas and need something quick to write them down on.

  36. Looks like a nice app

  37. Would be a nice utility to have…

  38. Yeah yo quiero participar pin:3086B268 @kolzwart

  39. Here’s my entry. Good luck everybody!

  40. I’D LOVE IT!!! THANKS!!!

  41. This would be perfect for my BB

  42. Cool app!!! I will love to have it!!!

  43. Pick me please, I would luv to win this!!!!!!!

  44. Looks like a great and very useful application. Would love to have a copy. Thanks.

  45. Awesome!!!

  46. Great!!!

  47. Looking forward to the pro version of their others etc

    • I have had a lot of things come up. I also completely dropped my previous design of TellMe and have redesigned it. It is looking VERY nice.

      Keep an eye on the website and I’ll toss up some screenshots here in the next 2-3 days.

  48. Slick app! And seems pretty convenient to have!

  49. A handy app..
    Count me in :mrgreen:

  50. i am winning now

  51. this is a useful app. I’d like to win a free copy please.

  52. i need this kind of apps for my storm, thanks for giveaway copy…

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  55. This is an excellent app so I hope I am selected for a free version.

  56. Would love to get a chance to win this app! Looks awesome!!!!

  57. Hoping I can win a copy. Thanks.

  58. I love Quick Notes!!! got the free version in my 8800. It says: What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

    so here I am to WIN!!!

  59. Very nice. Love to have it on my BB.

  60. looks like a nice app!

  61. I want it!

  62. =]

  63. Pick me…

  64. I’d love this app. One of my most used apps is the memos app but this would be so much more useful due to it’s integration with other apps and the “quick” access it provides..

  65. Free copy please :)

  66. This program is really cool. Count me in. Please !!!

  67. Looks handy. Love to try it.

  68. Just joined the fabulous world of blackberry – purchased the Tour 9630 (couldn’t wait for the 9650 in India – cause it would’ve taken another whole year to arrive here, by which time I’d have gone cuckoo!!) – Quick notes would be a nice app to have – free would be even better! :-)

  69. che te lo dico a fare!!

  70. I’d like to have a copy. Thanks in advance.

  71. It looks like an useful and interesting application.
    I’m interested to have a copy for my own BB.

  72. Wow, nice apps. I would love to have 1 copy. Thanks Jeff Hunt Development and BR !!

  73. seems quite nice!!!!! Waiting for it!!!

  74. Looks like a very useful App. Would love to win a copy and use it. Thanks.

  75. This would be perfect for those quick notes when visiting clients on sales calls.

  76. Sounds really interesting. I like free and I like putting new apps on my blackberry…Hope I get a chance to try this one out….

  77. just what i need

  78. Wow! great product :)

  79. Sounds like a great product.

  80. My Storm2 is basiclly my brain, so this cool app could be like my mini me brain!!

  81. Good luck to all

  82. I want one !

  83. Like to win this app!!

  84. I’ve started to experience short gaps in my memory, something like this will force me to take notes and actually ‘remember’ stuff again.

  85. QuickNote… Yes Please!

  86. count me in

  87. Looks interesting, I would like to try it out.

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  89. I’d like this app. Thanks.

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  91. maybe I’m win. Hope that’s truth

  92. Oh sweet petitie! I’d love this application on my phone. It looks quite handy! Great job to the team or individual that wrote the application! Thanks.

  93. Awesome niche app. How can win!

  94. I love this app. Pls let me win 1 copy

  95. Would use it for everything except cutting the lawn, please!

  96. Please count me in for a free copy. Thanks.

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