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FAQ: How to Remove Uninstalled Apps from App World My World Screen

app world Installed Some of you may already know about this little trick but I got asked about it again today so I thought I would share it publicly. One of the wonderful “Features” in App World is that there is no easy way to remove the apps you have uninstalled from showing up in your App World My World screen. This can start getting really cluttered if you install and uninstall as many apps as I do.

There is a simple fix for this that really should just be a menu option from RIM. You just fire up App World and hold down the ALT key while typing the letters RST. App World will exit and when you start it again you will only see the list of installed apps.

Thanks Jonathan for reminding me about this!

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  1. This does not work on the Storm2 running the os. It used to work before but no longer.

  2. Great tip! Thanks!

  3. So where is the Alt key on the Storm2?

    Anyway, my issue is that after, I lost all listings in “My World.” Since then, the only apps listed are those I have since installed/uninstalled. How do I fix that?

  4. Thanks for the tip

  5. Thanks for this excellent tip….no problem on my BB Curve 8530!!

  6. Sounds good, but where is the ALT key on the Storm2 (9550)?

  7. Me too where is the ALT key on the Storm1 (9530)?

  8. For those that are asking for the ALT key for the Storm1 and Storm2.

    Here’s the instructions.

    While in App World > My World

    Turn your device so you are viewing it in landscape mode.

    Hit the menu key and then show keyboard.

    Hold down the !?123 button for 3 seconds then type 3 4 (

    !?123 34( is the same as ALT RST

  9. Make sure you give it several seconds to do the cleanup and then it will exit app world.

  10. Why are you trying to click them all at the same time?!?!

    Hold down the !?123 Button (next to the Z in the left hand corner) for 3 seconds then release (you should see 123 in the top right hand corner)

    Then type 3, 4, ( (without the commas) then wait several seconds for the cleanup to work.

  11. Not sure if I am explaining this right so everybody understands.

    1. Hold down !?123 for 3 seconds
    (you will see 123 in the top right hand corner)
    2. Type 34(
    (in sequence, just like if you were typing RST)

    • Works wonderfully for me. Been upset with this for a long time. Glad they’re finally gone.

    • Ok 1 more time? Hold down for 3 sec. what? Each key for 3 sec.? I get the 123 in the right corner then i pushed 34( and nothing happens?

      • FYI: This will not work on the VZW 9550 with the There is something wrong with the virtual keyboard that will not allow this to actually work. It will let you type everything in but will not actually clean it.

        At least it hasn’t worked on the the 2 9550’s that I have 🙁

  12. My solution for this was to rummage through the SD card folders via USB – easy enough to see folder names of departed apps safe to remove selectively

  13. thanks for d info..

  14. for storm2 users

    ‘!?123’ key, 3, ‘!?123’ key, 4, ‘!?123 key, (

    don’t ask how i figured it out, but it worked beautifully for me.

    • Jess if you hold down the switch key for a second it will stay in the number mode until you push it again to get out of it. Then you will not have to push the !?123 key 3 times to get the 34( entered.

  15. I am using Curve 8520 and my OS version is, i tried to type ALT+RST, it does not work even they already close the application, when i relaunch BB App World, “Uninstalled” are still there…

    why could this happened? thank you very much.

    • I am also using Curve 8520 with OS 5 and App World 2. ALT+RST used to work for me when running OS 4.x and App World v1, but hasn’t worked since I upgraded OS and App World. Would really like to know if there is a new way to remove the list of uninstalled apps. I uninstalled them for a reason – why would I want to keep a record??

      • u take off the battery from ur phone, leave it around 1 minute, after that place ur battery back and switch on ur phone, it will help u to remove the list of uninstalled apps. 🙂

  16. Thanks – but removing battery didn’t work for me. Still displaying uninstalled items in app world 2. Found this link – – suggesting that it is not possible to fully remove in newest version of app world. Assume you must have older version?

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