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BlackBerry App Usage During Workday Higher than iPhone

Localytics Localytics just published a report from a study they did comparing BlackBerry usage to iPhone usage throughout the day. Its no surprise that they found that BlackBerry users use apps more frequently than iPhone users during the workday. They got this data by mining their analytics data from millions of phones in the US and Canada over 2 months.

They found that BlackBerry usage is higher during the workday and starts to peek at 7PM EST which makes sense considering the time zones the study spans. The iPhone on the other hand peaks at about 9PM EST. The interesting thing is that BlackBerry use does not slack down significantly during the weekend which is interesting.

On the other hand did we really need a study to tell us that more BlackBerry is more of a business tool than a iPhone?

via Marketwire via Intomobile

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  1. Maybe this shows that BlackBerry apps are useful in all walks of life.

  2. There are no error bars. For all we know, they could be used equally throughout the day.

  3. Hope To Get A Copy! Nice!

  4. this doesn’t say much. 1. Blackberry Apps are so BLAH! its not fair to compare. Example Blackberry Messenger, the iphone does not have a dedicated messenger app therefore of course BB would be used more. 2. In a work place the BB is used more because its acceptable and okay to use a BB in a office setting and not so much an iPhone.

    You’re comparing apples to oranges (or berries). Now if they just compare app usage over all (24/7) between the iPhone and Blackberry the iPhone would win.

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