Survey Shows That Business Pros Need to Get Their Priorities Straight

Dictionary Series - Health: addiction I had to read this one twice to fully comprehend it. RingCentral, a cloud computing business phone system provider, did a survey of its customers covering business communications. Here are some of the results from that survey:

  • Smartphones and having intimate relationships tied (40%) for being the number one thing respondents cannot live without.

  • The majority (79%) of respondents cite the Smartphone as the phone they used the most to conduct business, as compared to an office phone or home phone.
  • Smartphones are also encroaching on computers as well, with 34% of respondents using the Smartphone more than the computer for business. In fact, 7% don’t even take their laptop when they travel for business if they have their Smartphone. Is this the beginning of a coming dramatic shift?

I am still trying to wrap my head around that first one. How can that be possible. I am a hardcore smartphone addict and even for me my BlackBerry does not come close in priority level compared to “intimate relationships.” For me it falls somewhere between the internet and candy.

How about you? Where does your BlackBerry fit into your list of things you cannot live without?

View the results at RingCentral via Intomobile

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  1. Depends who the intimate relationship is with…

  2. Little gets me more annoyed than ridiculously unprofessional surveys designed just to generate buzz. This “survey” is garbage. They don’t disclose complete info, methods, questions, or any real stats that a professional survey would. My guess is the question was phrased in such a way that respondents thought it meant intimate BUSINESS relationships, or that folks were just having a laugh.

    Here’s the direct link to what they consider “complete” results.

    Obviously only the biggest geek or sociopaths would consider a smart phone more important than loved ones. Ring Central is just trying to generate buzz and link-backs — and clearly it’s working…

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