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Bolt Browser Gets Small Speed Boost with 2.02 Upgrade

Looks like Bitstream found a way to squeeze a little more speed out of the Bolt BlackBerry browser. Nikolaus let us know they have released v2.02 of the browser which is a small upgrade from the previous 2.0.

Nothing much else to say other than you can pick up the update at or directly OTA at this link.

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  1. I don’t see 2.02 upgrade still say 2.0.Anyone have link to upgrade.thanx.

  2. They need better storm support, which currently REEKS. The UI and usability is the only thing that prevents me from using it. Its fast otherwise.

  3. Did they fix the non-working bb launcher?

  4. Just downloaded and awesome, I say its as fast as opera on my storm.

  5. I just dl it too its fast!!!Nice update!!!

  6. Version 2.0 beta includes a faster widget gallery with an updated user interface, a server upgrade to WebKit 4.03, streaming video, Twitter & Facebook integration, ability to run web based applications and more.

  7. Go to bolt 2.0 area. Click on blackberry specific versionn. Then it should take you to the 2.02.

  8. They need big speed increase not small speed increase, opera mini 5 blows bolt out of water on my bold with 4.6

  9. This will get me using Bolt a little more, still don’t like the fact that the you tube videos don’t play good, (I’m on the second video setting, it works the best, but still blows! still buffering 10 seconds at a time) and it seems like its in the alpha stages, looks wise, its still boxy and plain. Opera is all I use, the native browser blows, thanks RIM for all of your BS run around that takes me 9x longer to download the same page that Opera Mini or Bolt Browser does in a S-N-A-P!!

    RIM needs to adopt Opera Mini as their own, and then get a menu to switch to Bolt Browser for their CPU like view. Nothings in mobile mode on Bolt and that’s what I like!

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