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RIM Outs Upcoming Low End 3G BlackBerry Curve 9300

RDF This is some interesting news to mull over this weekend. Does the BlackBerry market really need another low end Curve model? Kevin over @CrackBerry spotted a new UAProf document on RIM’s webservers which is there for every model detailing what standards it supports. The current codenames being bandied around are the “Kepler” for the 9300 and “Aries II” for the CDMA 9330.

This new UAProf document mentions a BlackBerry 9300 and 9330 which have 320×240 screen resolution like the 8500 series. The only difference is that these 9300’s will have 3G though technically the 8530 already has 3G… I really hope RIM has more in store for us because there is already such a small price difference between the Bold line and Curve line that it just doesn’t make sense to purchase a Curve.

Still I am curious. What do you think? Does RIM really need another low end Curve?

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  1. It makes sense for those who prefer Curve style keyboard as opposed to Bold/Tour style. For some folks that difference is huge.

    So if this is true they could be close to eliminating the 8xxx phones soon when combined with the leaked info on 91xx and 92xx series. Except of course the 8350i on Nextel will no doubt be the last 8xxx standing just as the 7100i was the last 7xxx to depart the market. Ah, poor Nextel.

  2. I had heard before the tail of the 8910, also useless. This 93XX like the 8910 may be planned for an Asian release, but for the Western markets we need to look beyond the 9700 and Storm2, and get the 9900 series going!

  3. All the 9300 is going to be is next years model of the Curve line, with 3G and some other bits added in. Makes perfect sense to me, keeps the lineup fresh to an extent.

  4. 320×240

    That was found in the UAProf on RIM’s servers for this 9300. Are you kidding me RIM? This company releases so many “new” devices that just continue to use recycled crap parts and us sheep buy them WHY? I need to have my head examined sticking with BlackBerry this long. Today I found out that my 9630 has reached its EOL (End of Life) with Verizon as of June, one year after it was released. Ever so crafty, RIM will rebrand it’s replacement a Bold (probably with the urging of Verizon/Sprint) so as not to feel the need to offer early-upgrades to the suckers who purchased a Tour.

    RIM continues to rest on it’s laurels – pumping “new” handsets out the door – with that outdated OS, a web browser that’s pathetic and a framework that has major Application Developers releasing official public statements that state their intentions to stay away from BlackBerry because it is a horrible platform to develop on.

    The only thing that will get RIM to seriously look at itself in the mirror would be for us to stop buying these “new” devices. Each only an incremental improvement over the previous generation. The haven’t done much at all to the core OS in a year (I hardly count the few cosmetic changes in OS 5.0; for BES users OS 5.0 was pretty good but for BIS the features were ho-huim) and they haven’t done anything exciting to the hardware besides swapping a trackball for a trackpad in a year.

    So, the hardware is basically untouched and the software is basically untouched. What the heck does this company do for us??

  5. I really wished the Curve had the same hardware specs as a Bold, because I like the Curve’s keyboard a lot better and some may like the “curve” body. With the same specs, to differentiate each other they could make the Bold more of a multimedia player by having rocker buttons and the Curve more of a messaging phone by having quick keys for emailing, etc. I wanted to get the Curve 3G this year, but because the upcoming Bold 9870 has better specs (let alone 9700), I might get the 9870 instead. I really hate the Bold’s keyboard and I have small hands!

  6. Correction: Bold 9780, not 9870*

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