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Giveaway: 50 copies of ContactOrder

screenshot_4 mblware is the makers of BlackBook has giving us 50 free copies of their  ContactOrder application.  ContactOrder helps you organize up to 30 contacts in whichever order you like.

The standard BlackBerry Address Book only allows you to sort contacts by name, or company. With ContactOrder you’ve got full control over how your contacts are displayed.

The main features include:

  • Sort up to 30 contacts
  • OS 5.0 compatible
  • Allows quick access to your most important contacts
  • Customize the sorting of your contacts
  • BES Compatibility **
    ContactOrder IS NOT COMPATIBLE with devices that synch contacts through a BES, or any other type of exchange server. That means if you are on a BES account this contacts will not be synchronized, useful if you want to keep personal contacts out of BES servers.

This application can be purchase in our store for $2.99 requires OS 4.3+

Giveaway details: To get a chance to win a free copy simply leave us a comment telling us what you look forward to in using this application. Comments must be left before Tuesday. No double comments, good luck.

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  1. It would make it much easier to group all my family at the top!!

  2. I look forward to be able to quickly access my most frequently contacted clients!

  3. oh yes,priority at its best !!

  4. Please I need one of this copy cause is a good utility and i love you forum

  5. This app would be great to organize my most frequent contact towards the top without using numbers preceding their names. Gimme…please

  6. Nice Looking App Will Help Me Out!! Hope I Win

  7. Very Usful application for for my contact list, easy to managed and find those that i need to talk to quickly.

  8. It will be invaluable to be able to sort by company, can see a lot of uses for this app

  9. This would be very useful for those co-workers & customers I email almost daily… would make it that much easier to find their email addy when sending out my emails…

  10. Excellent app. I hope win a copy of this.

    Thanks for the opportunity guys

  11. i look forward to access my phonebook by company and most frequently contacted

  12. Looks interesting!

  13. I keep contacts for years and have over 300. It would be nice to choose some to be on top and easily scroll through.

  14. This is just what I need

  15. I have over 400 contacts. I’d love to be able to sort them via categories. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Great to have

  17. I would like to have one plleeaassee? I need to easily find my priority adresses & contacts… Thanks youuuuu 🙂

  18. Man this would be the idea program to have so please pick me.

  19. I want one please……

  20. Wow! With this I could have personal contact without worrying it will mix with my bes constact! Just what I’ve been looking for!

  21. I NEED IT! Thanks

  22. i would love to have a copy of this!1! I have over 400 contacts in my bb, so being able to sort my most important contacts


  23. Finally, an app that truly improves on a great OS. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius!

  24. this will be an easy way for me to make my important calls when im in a hurry

  25. id like a copy please.

  26. I will love to have a copy, thanks BerryReview

  27. great! this ends having to rename whatever contacts i want on top of the list.

  28. While using this application I’m looking forward to having easy access to my most frequently used contacts so I don’t have to go searching for them.

  29. This app looks good but I have a problem with your transfer to another phones. This should have been posted up top letting everyone knowing about it. Heres what it says: Device Transfer Fee
    As of January 1, 2010 – There will be a $1.50usd service charge to transfer our apps to a new device. This is due to large amounts of bogus requests for new keys, and problems with piracy. Apps purchased prior to this date will be grandfathered in, and be allowed one free transfer.
    I’m one of these people that go through phones due to replacments and feel I shouldn’t have to pay each time this happens.

  30. Love it! Thanks

  31. Fantastic app hope to be a lucky winner

  32. I hope win this app. Thanks

  33. It will be like having three address books. One complete book for all your contacts, another one for the frequently used contacts (ContactOrder), and a third one for the contacts you want to keep private (BlackBook).

  34. WOW. I like this application on my 9700.

  35. Wow. Nice apps. Please choose me 😉

  36. count me in. would save a lot of time

  37. How sweet this app would be! No more digging through barely used names to find what I want! Thanks for making this offer! 🙂

  38. small footprint and very useful for rarely used contacts

  39. i want it

  40. This would be great to organize my most contacted contacts

  41. Yayyy me want one 🙂

  42. yean!I want one ,too!
    Nice Looking App Will Help Me Out!! Hope I Win!!

  43. Having easy access to my most contacted contacts instead of scrolling through all my contacts is what I’m looking forward to.

  44. very useful app. Hope i win!

  45. I want this app because I love your website and I like the utilities of this app. Thanks a lot !

  46. To sort my contacts…:)

  47. I would like a copy of this app. Good luck to all.

  48. great appz
    hope can win this..

  49. looks awesome

  50. I would like a copy so my contacts are better organized. Thank you!

  51. Who don’t want sort your contacts? All of us, always use the same contacts. For this app is a must have app 🙂

  52. Would love a copy!

  53. Want one please!

  54. Awesome App. Would like to win a copy. Thank!

  55. Add me to the list

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