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BerryBuzz 3.0 Released With A Boatload of New Features

berrybuzz Bellshare has updated their popular BerryBuzz application for all OS versions. The first thing you will notice about the new version is the totally redone user interface. It looks very polished now. There are quite a few other features added in this update along with support for new apps. The full list can be found below.

If you already own a copy or want to purchase a copy for $5.95 you can find the updated version of BerryBuzz in the store.

What’s new in BerryBuzz 3.0:

  • Major rework of the user interface (Includes option to black out all screens)
  • Added support for instango, BeejiveIM, IM+, WhatsApp, Skype, MySpace, Twitter (RIM), TweetGenius, UberTwitter, SocialScope, OpenBeak, Viigo, ebay App, MeterBerry
  • Added option to vibrate while ringing for all notifications
  • Added 4 new colors and 12 new LED disco colors
  • Added support for stacking 2 LED colors for even more color variations
  • Added contact LEDs that let you assign LED colors to calls/SMS/e-mails from specific contacts
  • Added option to vibrate/play sound when call connected/disconnected
  • Many bug fixes

Thanks Joseph and Rizki for sending this in!

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  1. While not a “free” upgrade, IMO it is definitely worth an extra $1.99 for me to upgrade from 2.x to 3.0 — additional features (it appears that much of the SmartAlerts functionality has been integrated!) PLUS a much improved UI. Great work!

  2. $1.99 its well worth the upgrade for me. Love the new features. Keep up the great work Bellshare.

  3. Does the new “contact LEDs” feature mean I can get rid of SmartAlerts? That would open up some desperately needed space on my phone and require one less program from running (and possibly conflicting with other programs) simultaneously.

  4. Wow very nice upgrade. Love the new color orientation and more colors. Worth the upgrade.

  5. Is there a free version like 2.x?

  6. Yeah..this is really a great update.. 😀

  7. FYI for upgraders: In order to use the “Black out all Screens” option, disable and then re-enable BerryBuzz. For whatever reason, it will not work without doing this even if the option is enalbed (small glitch)…

  8. I love the new upgrade. Its worth the 1.99.

  9. From the website (

    “We have issued a bug fix release for BerryBuzz 3.0.

    Version 3.0.58 fixes the following issues:
    – Fixed TweetGenius not showing in settings
    – Fixed settings cannot be saved

    Download from

  10. Was able to run 3.0.57 on my Bold (OS 5) but my girlfriend’s Bold (OS 4.6) suffered from the inability to save her settings. 3.0.58 fixed the problem.

    Great upgrade – worth every bit of the $1.99 upgrade. Kudos to Bellshare for developing such great software and for a reasonable upgrade price / policy!

  11. So just like 2.0 I have to pay for 3.0 wft man are you serious. Why, this is not fair at all. I shouldn’t have to pay for an app 3x. I will stick with my 2.1 for now. But thanks for the heads up BR

  12. And yet another minor release to address bug fixes (

    “We have issued a bug fix release for BerryBuzz 3.0.

    Version 3.0.59 fixes the following issues:
    – Added ‘Edit Settings’ menu item
    – Added support for blacked out UI on pre OS 4.7 devices
    – Fixed ‘Black out all Screens’ switch not correctly reflecting the current setting
    – Shows OS version the BerryBuzz installation was built for

    Download from

  13. I love this app and version 3.0 is great. I cannot get the color on SMS messages to change only the contact LED. Do I have to turn off the SMS LED alert for all and then apply a color to each contact? Can someone help? Other than that, the upgrade is great! Thanks Tallpaul

    • Got this figured out. Make sure that you contact phone number doesn’t have a 1 before the number and both the contact LED and the SMS LED for that contact will work! AWESOME APP! Worth every cent!!

  14. Every time I reboot BerryBuzz disappears in options menu. Then I have to delete then reinstall. I have verizon Tour 5.0 OS

  15. Same problem as Steve. Bb Tour on Verizon with os5.0. Every time I reboot, berrybuzz disappears from options. Have to remove and reinstall. Very irritating.

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