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WhatsApp Cross Smartphone BlackBerry <-> iPhone Messaging App

whatsapp messenger One of the things many people enjoy with BlackBerrys is the ability to BlackBerry messenger friends and chat between smartphones. It does not look like RIM is ever going to open up BBM to other smartphones but WhatsApp is trying to step into that market with their Smartphone Messenger.

WhatsApp Messenger lets you chat between BlackBerrys and iPhones just like BBM. You can share pictures, video, and audio between the phones. They are also working on Android and Symbian apps to round out the offering.

I heard about the app before but Joseph let us know that WhatsApp is now offering a 30 day free trial for WhatsApp Messenger so you can now give it a spin before committing. You can find the free trial at or read more at

Let us know what you think!

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  1. How much does it cost? The site mentions a 1 year subscription but I can’t find any mention of the price.

  2. Never mind. I found it. $1.99/yr.

  3. Sorry about that Buff totally forgot to mention the price

  4. I use it on iPhone and it’s a one time fee. No yearly cost.

  5. The big Question is…”can you group chat?”

  6. If you have to continuously stay connected to a server I don’t particularly see what advantage the app has over anything else already available…

    • I see one two advnatages.

      First, the message cache, in my experience none of the current IM apps actually cache message while offline even for something like a reboot. If I am not signed in, I don’t get the message. Also, quite often, I am magically log out of an IM service on my phone, this happens particularly often with AIM and any messages sent while I am log out, I don’t receive.

      Second, with the “User ID” being the phone number, the bar to entry is pretty low. I know quite a few people that would embrace this concept much more willingly than using GoogleTalk even if they already have a gmail account.

      That said, two things bother me about the app.

      First, no desktop client.

      Second, the annual fee. If the service works then it is not an unreasonable amount but I don’t like that the iPhone version remains a one time fee. Why is it that the BB version has a different pricing scheme? That does not seem very reasonable to me.

      • The reason for the different pricing scheme is simply, they want/need to make money in order to survive.

        Blackberry (as well as Android) is an open platform. You can make an application for either and provide it Over The Air (OTA) to the phone’s browser, allowing the application to be installed on that device. This is not possible with an iPhone as applications can only be installed through the App Store. Therefore an iPhone user must purchase the application in order to install it.

        What this means is that a cracked version of Whatsapp can be developed and provided online allowing people on those platforms to use the application for free, much like what can be done on desktop machines.

        At the end of the day it may seem unfair, but we’re talking about a relatively small company that can not afford to operate if this happens. Is $1.99 a year really that much to pay for such good a service.

  7. My 2 dollars are ready! I am waiting for them to launch for Symbian.
    Being able to IM friends on BBM is worth it.

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