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Jabra Wants You to Avoid Cellbow Injuries – Guess How?

I have heard about cellphone users suffering from cellbow before but Jabra has decided to capitalize on the ailment with their new site In case you don’t know cellbow is a coined name for the stiffness or pain you feel in your elbow from holding your cellphone to your ear while walking. We have all been there…

Jabra is using their new domain to promote the use of Jabra headsets which is a pretty good idea. I am still using the original Jawbone since I have not found a better headset but Jabra has had some pretty decent contenders recently. I know the Jabra STONE is doing quite well but I found it did not fit right for me. What headset are you using to avoid Cellbow?

I almost forgot to mention. Jabra is giving away some nice prizes if you share the website with your friends. Prizes include a Macbook Air, iPhone, and 25 Jabra STONE’s.

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  1. @Ronen: Try the Jawbone ICON — it blows away anything else that I have used in the past in both comfort an performance.

  2. If the all the nurses look like the one on the vid, I may just get Celbow for the heck of it… just to get a checkup! LOL +1 on the Jawbone Icon!!! I stepped up from the original Jawbone to the Icon and I’m loving it even more!!! Nothing else compares IMO!

  3. The icon holds on well without flopping about? The problem I had with the prime and jawbone II was that the ear piece did not hold the headset to my jaw so the rubber thing did not touch and it took my voice as background noise….

  4. It’s good to see I’m not the only one with issues w/ the Jawbone Prime. It’s a good headset as far as others hearing you but sux when it comes to staying in my ear. One good yawn or a hearty laugh or even chewing gum can cause it to pop right out. :s

  5. I have a plantronics voyager pro, but I never use it because it doesn’t stay on.

  6. You guys have to get off the jawbone junkie…LMAO. BlueAnt V1 is far better. No problems with road noise and it doesn’t have to touch your jawbone to work properly. Plus the V1 has the ear loop for added Security.

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