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BlackBerry Beta Zone Falls Behind Public Releases?

caution_tape Somebody pointed out to me an interesting problem that was bound to happen with RIM’s new BlackBerry Beta Zone. When the Beta Zone launched two weeks ago one of its 3 featured programs was a new OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8520. That OS was v5.0.0.554 which is TOP SECRET. The irony is that WIND Hellas just released OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8520…?

This is the reason that I think beta zones cannot be wrapped with all the red tape RIM has surrounded the program with. It makes them useless for anything other than a marketing ploy. RIM already has a HUGE beta zone with every user who installs a BlackBerry OS Beta leak yet they refuse to acknowledge those users.

Personally I think they would just be better off releasing the betas of everything publicly without 15 pages of red tape… What do you think? The crazy part is that I know quite a few BlackBerry users who would PAY to get their hands on the latest beta even if it was FULL of bugs.

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  1. I agree… why wait on software through the BetaZone, and deal with all the red tape, when all you have to do is check fansites and twitter updates and you’ll get the beta releases well before RIM decides to release them. Someone at RIM needs to step it up when it comes to public relations, I think they should have some sort of program/agreement set up with the major fansites of BlackBerry, like this one and other sites… I’ve seen more feedback on BlackBerry devices, software & apps on fansites than I have on the MyBlackBerry, BetaZone, Facebook & MySpace pages… something’s wrong here and unfortunately RIM just doesnt get it…

  2. You’re exactly right Ronen, RIM should embrace their leak loving following. Even though Blackberry’s might be lacking in areas, people still love them. That might not always hold true and they should do more to work with the consumer base, and release stuff for us to test officially, instead of them acting like all these beta testers for leaked OS’s don’t exist.

  3. Because it’s all about organizing data.

    I’m sure they have enough to do than to worry about going to every site that gets leaked content and sort the myriad of complaints (many of which aren’t useful).

    Having people register and regulating how they receive information allows them to extract the most useful data for the issue at hand.

    Also, all the “red tape” provides them with key information that they can use in the future, presumably to create more things for us to use.

  4. the main objective of that BlackBerry Beta Zone is absolutely not to publish premium stuff for some selected ones. It is to get feedback. The best way to get feedback is to ask for it, for some specific RIM productions (a BBm client or an OS). With that in mind, and after reading your blog post, I still do not see anything wrong with that Beta Zone.

    The fact that one carrier did release an OS for its subscriber does not make the OS any better. It only means the the Q&A of that operator is low enough. And the people complaining will not have any controlled way of giving feedback to RIM. On the other hand, asking for feedback for an earlier OS is still interesting (for RIM, nont for the people willing to give feedback).

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