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Review: Case-Mate Fuel Rechargeable Battery Pack Holster For BB 9700


Review: Case-Mate Fuel rechargeable Battery pack

Price: $79.99



The 9700 in my opinion is the best BlackBerry in the market at the moment due to its full QERTY keyboard, long lasting battery, 3G, GPS, and WIFI.  It’s a small device that packs a lot of power but for power users like me the 9700 still runs out of power before the day is over specially when you go to events like CES or the upcoming WES 2010. At CES I manage to drain 2+ batteries in one day. Case-mate has come up with a great idea to extend the life line for those that drain their BlackBerry fast.

The holster can be charge via a pc connected USB or a wall charger. A fully charged Fuel holster can charge your 9700 from 75% battery power to 100% in about 30 minutes. The holster is smooth and easy to remove the BlackBerry but that can be a bad feature too will explain later.

Features & specification:

  • Power on/off button
  • Ratcheting 180-degree belt clip
  • Rechargeable through a standard micro USB cable
  • Easy slide in/out access to your BlackBerry Bold 9700
  • battery capacity: up to 2300mA
  • battery charging current: up to 450mA
  • battery max discharging current: 2A
  • power consumption: 5v/2.5w
  • battery operational temperature range: 5°F to 122°F or -15°C to 50°C

Manufacturer Suggested Extended Battery Life Features

  • Talk time: up to 9 additional hours beyond standard BlackBerry Bold 9700 battery life
  • Stand by time: up to 250 additional hours beyond standard BlackBerry Bold 9700 battery life
  • Internet Use: up to 7 additional hours beyond standard BlackBerry Bold 9700 battery life
  • Video Playback: up to 8 additional hours beyond standard BlackBerry Bold 9700 battery life
  • Audio Playback: up to 24 additional hours beyond standard BlackBerry Bold 9700 battery life

Use and recharging: The device is easy to use right out of the box just un box it and plug into any micro USB and let it charge. The device does not take long to charge when it is fully powered it should have 3 blue LED lights on.

Turning On/OF : The holsters has a power button on the bottom corner opposite side of the LED lights click it once to turn on and once to turn off.


  • It provides a quick re-fueling of your BB when fully charged.
  • Takes only a few minutes to recharge the BB
  • Is a holster and provides a quick extra charge when you are low on power
  • Easy to take use
  • Can be charge with a Micro USB wall charger or USB for PC
  • Smooth surface won’t scratch the BB


  • The price is quite high
  • Remember how I said it is easy to take out, it is also easy to fall out of the holster if bumped against other things (Test it a few times and the 9700 did fall out) BB was not harmed 🙂
  • When charging the BB the holster turns hot
  • The screen of the device is facing outward instead of inward can be scratch easily if not careful

Overall if you have the money to spend the device will provide with a good extra charge and holster your BB but you have to be careful not to bump it against things or it will fall off.

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  1. I hope they made the clip (that holds the phone onto the case) stronger on this model than on the Bold 9000 one that I have. Lots of complaints that the clip breaks. Mine broke after 6 months and they wouldn’t replace it since the warranty was 3 months. Very disappointed after spending that much money. Now I have to use a rubber band to make it work. It charges quickly and is nice to have since I’m in my car for 10hrs a day, but they need to do something about the clip.

  2. Ummm, this makes no sense. You can buy 2 standard batteries for $60 and still save $20, for the price of this case.

    • What I liked was that you use it as a holster that also has a battery built in. That way I don’t have to worry about carrying an extra battery around. 2 things built into one. But with a cheap clip…

  3. I thought I had a bad Case-Mate, but after looking over the design I noticed that the charging clips were not making complete contact with my BB Tour clips, I made an adjustment to the clips on the fuel and it works great.

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