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GMaps Now With Buzz and Voice Search and Google Search App Updated

Joseph and Nikolaus let us know that GMaps was updated to V 4.01 with voice search and Buzz features. It seems google is serious about their Buzz service placing it everywhere they can. The new version also lets you sync favorite location stars with along with letting you use Google labs features.

The other app that has been updated to is the Google Search app if you use it regularly. Not sure what the update is there. You can pick up both updates by pointing your browser to

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  1. Luis, the Mobile search app now tells you when the other apps are updated. I installed the Mobile App first, then it told me that GMaps was updated, and I can update GMaps from within the Mobile App.

    What shocks me is in GMaps when I turn on the Buzz layer, I can see lots of people in Dallas who are posting on Buzz, including their pictures. Is this just because they have their privacy setting way open? I assume so. If I post to Buzz, I only want those who I want to see to see my posts and pictures.

  2. The ability to post to Buzz from GMaps and include a photo is a great feature, showing the Buzz is heading into location based social networking more so that Latitude did. As I’ve used Foursquare a lot recently, I can see the appeal of letting my Buzz friends know where I am and what I’m up to so we can meet up. Facebook has publicly said they want to added location based services too, so this really seems to be the direction everyone is headed.

  3. is the exit option in english the and the log of from google one named the same like in spanish ?

    we have 2 “salir” options, one closes the app, the other logs off from google.

  4. Still hoping Google releases Google Navigation for BlackBerry, so we can get Google’s awesome free turn-by-turn app that the Droid has!

  5. If on your computer go under Google Maps – My Maps I now see the favorites (stars) have placed on my Blackberry synced with my computer. I could un-star them on my computer, but didn’t see a way to remove favorites on BlackBerry. Turns out the star is now next to the name, so just un-star it there. I guess Google realized it was dumb refering to them as started and favorites, better to just stick with just one name/concept.

  6. This sucks because it asks for permissions that my company won’t grant. I have to go back to 3.2.1. First I have to find a copy of it. Crap!

  7. Still don’t care for Buzz, but voice search in Maps is fantastic! I’m in love.

  8. not working right on my storm 2. voice search doesn’t work. can’t exit out of the program without a restart

  9. doesn’t work on curve, installed but, problems with permissions
    please let me know if there is a fix, or a link to the old version

    thanks in advance!

  10. can’t find buzz in the layers. who can help?

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