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Giveaway: Ringo Updated With New LED Alerts 10 Free copies

screenshot160[2] Ringo is a nice application that lets you set custom MP3 ringtones for e-mail and text messages from your friends. The application is made by Electric Pocket Ltd and they just release a nice update that lets you set customizable led alerts.

Some of the main features include:

  • Easily use your own MP3 music as ringtones and message alerts
  • Set unique ringtones for each of your friends
  • Set your phone to block or ignore certain callers or groups
  • Set custom LED colors for contacts and alerts
  • Set different email, SMS and PIN message tones for your friends
  • Set ringtones for caller groups and categories
  • Set different email and message tones for different groups
  • Set your BlackBerry to silent overnight or at weekends
  • Works with the BlackBerry Profile app and co-operates with alert settings -Silent when Blackberry Profile set to Off
  • -Ringo will only ring for Phone Calls if “Phone Only” profile is selected.
  • -Ditto for Profile “Vibrate only” setting – Ringo will only Vibrate.
  • -Works with other Apps Alert settings ( Facebook, Twitter etc.) as set in the current Profile.
  • BugMe! alert support using Task alert settings in Ringo.

The application can be bought at the Berryereview store for $12.99 at this link or you can test your luck to win a free copy details below. There is also a free trial of this application at the same link from our store.

Giveaway Details: Our friend Kevin sent us the PR for the update including 10 free copies to giveaway to our readers. For a chance to win a free copy leave a comment and tell us what you would use the most from this application. Comments must be left before Saturday April 3rd. Good luck.

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  1. Count me in!!

  2. The feat I would use most would be setting different email, SMS and PIN message tones for my friends

  3. sounds very good to me fingers crossed i win this one

  4. i’ll throw my hat in for a copy, love the IM cutomize function, only thing i cannot customize at the moment.

  5. Want one – it’ll be great to hear a ring on different emails…

  6. Light up my 9700 BR.

  7. love the customized sounds. will be quite useful.

  8. I’d love to be able to set different ring tones and message alerts by groups.

  9. This looks like a very useful app. I like the ability to set custom LED colours and ringtones for caller groups!

  10. Hi, great app, thanks

  11. Sounds interesting

  12. I would love to use the ignore and block callers for work and of course be able to set my blackberry to silent overnight.

  13. The colors… so many colors….. he he….

  14. Would be nice to have it

  15. Could do a lot of this prior to 5.0. I really miss being able to tell the difference between e-mail & SMS messages from friends. Definitely would like to try it.

  16. I love setting different ringtones to Id my callers, so definitely the mp3 ringtones would be the one I’d use the most 😀

  17. Wow this a great app…I would love the Set your phone to block or ignore certain callers or groups feature.

  18. The feature I would use most is set my phone to block or ignore certain callers or groups.

  19. one for me please!

  20. I’d Love a Free Copy.. 😀
    Thanks~ 😀

  21. “Set your phone to block or ignore certain callers or groups” this alone is good to have this app. however i wonder how it goes against Addonis.

  22. 3 WORDS “custom LED colors.” could we set unique LED colors for each of your friends or is it all contact in general?

  23. Great to have

  24. i would set certain colors for friends

  25. Ill take one, defenetly love customizing my LED’s

  26. I’d set the LED alerts for different friends! Fingers crossed!

  27. Of course it’s ability to set custom LED colours and ringtones for caller groups! 😀

  28. I so need this.

  29. I would love to be able to tell by mp3 song if I got an email from my friends, my wife and my boss. I hate checking with every message I get. Thanks for the opportunity…

  30. Would LOVE to grab this app! Loox shweet!

  31. It’s a cool app, I wish I will be one of the lucky one!

  32. Nice. I would use the ringtones for contacts feature the most for sure!

  33. Ooooh ooooh, pick me! Would be a godsend.

  34. I would definately like to grab one of these. Like the feature of being able to silent by BB w/out having to repeatedly change profile. Another plus; custom LED’S!

  35. Are you kiddin me??! With all these cool features, how the heck am I suppose to pick just one that I would use the most? How about using the whole app itself as the one thing I would use the most…like everyday.
    I think I would have fun using different LED colors for each of my contacts, so I know who is emailing or texting me while at work.
    But then again, it would be cool to block certain #s too.

  36. Sweet! I’d love to use my own songs for ringtones!

  37. Ringtone customization is nice
    Call block and LED changing colour is great too..
    This app has too many cool features
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  38. Please pick me, thanks

  39. LOVE IT!

  40. Works with other Apps Alert settings sound good. hopefully this can replace a few other apps i have

  41. i wouldnt mind trying out the silent overnight or at weekends feature as well as the led changing feature

  42. ignoring some of these random private number would be great.

  43. being able to set different LED and ringtone to certain apps, number, etc would be alot useful especially when you are dreadfully waiting for a certain someone to call.

  44. i love how all the settings could be integrated with other social apps. Hope i win a copy =)

  45. as many have already stated…having the capability to set groups a particular sound and led color is just awesome.

  46. This is a very powerful alert customizer! Want one please! 😀

  47. I would use the ability to change the rings for various people. Very handy.

  48. I will use the custom ringtone and led alert probably the most.

    Also, the call blocking feature since I have quite a few prank calls lately.

  49. i hope i win :)

  50. I’d use the LED notification the most. While the LED colors can be changed, it always bugged me that RIM does not allow native customization of the LED color :(

  51. i wolud use this app for everything but i need to tell me if i got a facebook or email but i want different colors but how much is it anyway to buy

  52. i want one

  53. I’d like to see different LED for certain email addresses sending me items

  54. The features I’d use the most are different unique SMS tones and different unique ringtones for my contacts.

  55. It worked great on an old Treo years ago but now I want it for my Bold!

  56. I’d probably like to try out the following feature :
    “BugMe! alert support using Task alert settings in Ringo”

  57. I’ve been looking and even google searched for an App that would allow me to utilize my MP3’s for ring tones and alerts. Walla…here it is, Ringo. I want a copy please. Thanks

  58. I want to customize ringtones, sms’ and set LED alertss… Please let me have ringo :)

  59. I would like to setup specific tones for certain people, especially for SMS.

  60. During my work I get my hands dirty and can’t answer phone without washing. Would help to know who’s calling or texting without cleaning up. Would also be great while holstered and driving.

  61. Would be great to know who is calling and so how important the call is when the phone is not within reach.

  62. Wow, nice application to have. Lately I’ve been disturbed by several unknown numbers, it’s very annoying. With this apps, I can block unwanted calls from unknown numbers. Also I will use custom LED allerts for different contacts, so I can easily know who’s calling me. Therefore I’d love to have a free copy. Thanks BR and Electric Pocket ltd !!

  63. This looks like one app I would use all of the time.

  64. Looks awesome! really nice to use. I would love to know call details and setup specific tones for people I want. And of course, may the force be with me :)

  65. free copy please :)

  66. I can like to setup specific tones for special person with Ringo,I hope to winer 1 in 10 free copy

  67. nice gui

  68. I would use this app to finally have to ability to tag SMS contacts with their own ringtone.

    I need this functionality since I get emergency calls from my volunteer fire department via SMS messages. Knowing it was a fire call immediately by a different ringtone would be a great help as opposed to having to look at every message like I do now.

  69. I would use the ignore and block callers, custome led colors for messages, set my blackberry to silent overnight and silent phone without changing the profile settings.

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